Ad major wins Peanut Chews billboard contest

Former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski will deliver the chocolatey prize to sophomore Andrew Arbitell April 11 on Main Campus.

Peanut Chews billboard

Andrew Arbitell’s winning headline can be seen along I-95 near the Cottman Avenue exit through the end of April.

Throughout April, the creation of sophomore advertising major Andrew Arbitell will tower over I-95.

He’s the winner of Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews’ billboard writing contest. Not a bad way to begin building a portfolio.

Arbitell, of Phoenixville, Pa., learned of the contest in Associate Professor Joe Glennon’s “Intro to Copywriting” class. He explained a few details, encouraged his students to enter and then moved on with his lecture. “Immediately after he said it, I couldn’t keep my mind off the competition. I started writing down different ideas.”

He landed upon a headline that fit right into the Peanut Chews campaign. “I realized that they’re trying to convey that they’ve been around throughout the history of Philadelphia, they’ve always been here and Philadelphians have enjoyed them now and in the past,” Arbitell says of the candy, which has been produced in Northeast Philadelphia since 1917.

His winning tagline? “Enjoyed when the Rocky steps were just steps.”

“Rocky is an iconic Philadelphia figure,” Arbitell says. “I thought the steps were such a big part of Philadelphia’s culture and history that I had to write something based on them.”

Part of the campaign

Andrew Arbitell

Andrew Arbitell

Glennon says his student did a great job of capturing the spirit of the current Peanut Chews campaign, staying on message, but not rocking the boat.

“Growing up near Philly sure helped him. Nostalgia is a very personal thing, hard to fake,” Glennon says. “As a Boston native, I couldn’t pull it off without being or feeling disingenuous. To me, the Rocky steps are the Rocky steps and have been since 1976.”

Arbitell first came to Temple and a film major, but caught the advertising bug during his first semester in an “Intro to Advertising” class.

“Why not just put my toes in the water and see what it’s like. Why not? I took it and after about a week, I took on advertising. I changed my career path right off the bat and I never looked back.”

In addition to being able to put a billboard on his resume, Arbitell will receive a VW Microbus-load of Peanut Chews, delivered by Eagles’ legend Ron Jaworski on campus April 11. The ceremony will take place at 13th Street and Polett Walk at 10 a.m.

Glennon is excited that Arbitell got to see the creative process in action.

“One of the most rewarding parts of advertising is seeing your work produced in a short amount of time,” he says. “Writers in other fields can slave away from years and never see their work printed or produced. Just ask any writer with a drawer full of screenplays or manuscripts.”

Arbitell says he’ll share some with his winnings with friends and family and wants to donate the rest.

“Living in Philadelphia these past two years, the city itself has been good to me. So, why not be good back to it? I figured what a better way to donate a candy that’s made in Philadelphia to Philadelphia,” he says.

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