Copywriting Track


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
[ Scott Adams ]


Copywriters engineer the attention grabbing texts and phrases that make up the world of advertising. They are wordsmiths, skilled at crafting raw information and ideas into compelling headlines and copy. Together, Copywriters and Art Directors make up the Creative Team responsible for producing innovative advertisements that drive the industry.

In the Copywriting track, you’ll sharpen your writing skills and master persuasive writing. You’ll learn all about how to write copy for various media including print, radio, television, and outdoor, and study rhetorical writing devices. You’ll put your skills to practice creating everything from short radio scripts to full campaigns and graduate with a polished portfolio that showcases your abilities.

Courses Specific to the Copywriting Track

3022. Copywriting: Print

The emphasis of this advanced writing course is on perfecting copywriting skills, encompassing newspapers, magazines, direct mail, and outdoor posters. Students will learn both short and long body copy applications. Students will also learn the characteristics of each medium allowing them to create compelling advertising for these media. Students will learn to combine words and visuals into one coherent message. A knowledge of QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator is suggested.
Note: Advertising majors only.

3023. Copywriting: Broadcast

The emphasis of this advanced writing course is on perfecting copywriting skills specifically for radio and television, with a touch of film and video applications. Students are taught conceptual and production aspects of the broadcast media, including the importance of message, music, sound effects and visual storytelling. The course also enhances students’ creative abilities with techniques of script writing, storyboarding and production vocabulary.

4064. Advertising Portfolio

This course brings together copywriters and art directors in two person teams. They work together to create exciting examples of advertising from initial conceptual schemes to comprehensive finished ads. The ads include full treatments of copy and art executed as take-home assignments and discussed in class.