Management Track

Management Course Sequence

Management bridges the gap between the Creative Team and the client, ensuring that the brand is properly represented in ads and that they reach the intended audience. It is driven by organization and planning and relies on the interactions with the client to deliver an effective and successful campaign.

Studying in the Management track, you’ll learn how work with clients and perfect your presentation and communication skills. You’ll learn about the advantages of different types of media available to advertisers and how to plan and execute media buys. You’ll receive hands-on experience overseeing accounts and gain the ability and skills to pitch and sell entire campaigns.

Courses Specific to the Management Track

3032. Media Planning II

This advanced course focuses on the art and craft of media planning for large budget brands competing in today’s complex media environment. Rooted in a concrete understanding of social communications as economic communications, students explore the conceptual foundations of media planning and produce professional quality media plans.

3033. Marketing Media Products

This course focuses on the development and positioning of media franchises for print and video products, plus the marketing and sale of broadcast and web-based products to consumers and advertisers. All media types are addressed. Students will learn how to articulate and present media vehicles, the conduct of sales calls, and negotiation techniques.

4034. Advertising Account Management

This course teaches the management of the agency-client relationship, involving account executives and brand managers. Students will learn how to adapt to client corporate cultures, cooperative strategy development, account coordination, profit management, people management and the evaluation, presentation and sale of advertising concepts, executions and services.