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Joe First Media Center
The communications center features a café, a multimedia information center, a venue for displaying student work, and a reception area.

Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab (MURL)
This newsroom, based at Temple University Center City, features wireless networking, digital recorders, access to AP wires, and video equipment.

The School's classrooms are equipped with a variety of digital and media equipment for instructional use.

Teaching Labs
Annenberg Hall operates two PC and Macintosh teaching labs, fully equipped with Windows and other software, for class and student use.

SMC Advertising Faculty

Dr. Brooke Duffy
Joe Glennon
Stacey Harpster
Sheryl Kantrowitz
Jennifer Lovrinic

Dr. Michael Maynard
Kathy Mueller
Dana Saewitz 
Gayle Conley

Dr. Michael Maynard

Advertising Department Chair

Photo of Advertising Department Chair, Michael Maynard

“Advertising students are the best. They’re robust, they’re scrappy, they’re smart. It’s a pleasure to challenge advertising majors because they continually challenge us.”

Dr. Maynard has long been suspected of irrational exuberance. So they made him chair of the department. His first job in advertising was writing copy for Japan Airlines in Tokyo. Then, Maytag at Leo Burnett in Chicago, followed by McDonald’s in Honolulu, and Colgate, Kan Kan, and Avis at Ted Bates Advertising, in New York City. Dr. Maynard holds a BA in English Lit. from the University of Texas at Austin, a Masters in Dramatic Arts from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in Communications from Rutgers University. He has written over thirty journal articles, such as for example,”Unclaimed Bananas: The Significance of Devalued Food in a Public Space”, and he has presented close to a ka-zillion papers, for example, “Joe Camel Goes to Japan.” A member of the graduate faculty, he works closely with doctoral students. Dr. Maynard’s advice to budding young writers, “Parenthetical expressions should be used sparingly, (if you know what I mean).”

Phone: 215-204-8360

E-mail: maynard@temple.edu

Room 300A Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Dana Saewitz

Photo of Professor Dana Saewitz

“Temple is a great place to teach. It’s especially a great place to teach advertising.”

Dana plays a pivotal role in the career of Temple Advertising students. She runs the department’s internship program and thus has the pleasure of helping students find their first internships—positions that quickly help them find their way professionally to the career that suits them best. She often serves as a bridge between the professional advertising community and our students, and regularly organizes panel discussions, employer presentations and on-campus recruiting sessions for our students.

Prior to coming to Temple, Dana spent over 15 years working in advertising, mostly in the cable television industry. After 15 years, she was ready for a change and wanted to share her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for advertising with young people. She earned her master’s degree in Media & Society at the University of Pennsylvania and became a full-time faculty member of the Temple Advertising Department in 2005. Given that Philadelphia is the fourth largest media market in the nation, Dana feels that Temple is a great place to teach because the city has so much to offer our students in the field of advertising and beyond.

Phone: 215-204-9681

E-mail: dsaewitz@temple.edu

Room 315 Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Dr. Brooke E. Duffy

Photo of Dr. Brooke Erin Duffy

“There has never been a better time to teach—or study—advertising.  The profound changes taking place in the advertising world are complex, yet fascinating.  This generation of ad students can truly shape the contours of the industry.”

Brooke Duffy recently joined Temple University as an Assistant Professor in the School of Communications and Theater’s Department of Advertising.  She completed her Ph.D. at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, where her dissertation research examined the changing nature of women’s magazine production in an era of media convergence. Her other teaching and research interests include work in the advertising and media industries; gender and cultural production; and consumer culture.

Before pursuing her doctorate, she worked in media relations at Yale  University and as an external affairs writer at the University of Pennsylvania. She received a B.A. in Advertising from the Pennsylvania State University (with honors and highest distinction) and a M.A. in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania.

E-mail: bduffy@temple.edu
Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Joseph Glennon

Assistant Professor (Teaching/Instructional)

Department of Advertising

For the last 15 years, Glennon has been a highly sought after copywriter and creative consultant working with both advertising agencies and directly with clients. He has taught courses in a range of advertising topics, specializing in the art of copywriting. His professional writing career began as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, working with the producers of CheersFrasierHome Improvement and other comedies. His work also included feature films. Glennon is a native of Boston and an unapologetic member of the Red Sox nation.

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Stacey Harpster

Assistant Professor (Teaching/Instructional)

Department of Advertising

Since receiving her MBA in marketing from the Temple University Fox School of Business and Management and her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising from the Temple University School of Media and Communication, Harpster has served a diverse list of clients in industries including: automotive, hospitality and tourism, consumer goods, homeopathy, fashion, higher education, finance and technology. She began her career at the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), where she founded and led the SBDC Creative Department. After the SBDC, she moved on to hold senior level account management positions in various Philadelphia firms, including Kanter International (now Finch Brands) and Brownstein Group.

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Jennifer Lovrinic

“By using real life case studies and experiences, I hope that students will learn how critical research is to all facets of advertising – from strategy to creative execution to delivery.”

Jennifer Lovrinic feels fortunate to be a part of the growing Advertising Department at Temple University. After close to 10 years of working in marketing and advertising, she feels that teaching allows her to share her knowledge while continuing her own goal of life-long learning.

Following her education and degree from Northwestern University, she launched her career in promotions and soon became Director of Marketing for the Denver firm of Brown & Tedstrom, which specializes in financial planning. This valuable client-side experience led her to switch over to the more eclectic advertising side and she was hired as a Brand Manager for Miles Advertising Denver. Just prior to joining Temple, she honed her advertising research and planning skills as Director of Brand Research & Analysis at Kanter International (now Finch Brands) here in Philadelphia.

She is enthusiastic about teaching, and determined to translate her understanding of advertising and research into valuable classroom learning.

Phone: 215-204-7401

E-mail: lovrinic@temple.edu

Room 343 Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Sheryl Kantrowitz

Photo of Professor Sheryl Kantrowitz

“As visual communicators, we first and foremost are responsible for communicating, and if our efforts simply just look good, we have not done our job.”

Sheryl Kantrowitz is a welcome addition to the Advertising Department. She has spent almost 10 years in the advertising industry honing her skills working for various agencies and personal clients as an art director. She has worked for small branding consultancies as a visual strategist, large NYC agencies launching new products, and on her own she has worked directly with clients, helping them to redefine their companies from the ground up.

Sheryl loves visual communications, strategic thinking, and most of all, helping others find a unique vision to obtain success. This was her driving force in the industry and now directly translates in her teaching style in the classroom. Strategically driven and creatively focused, Sheryl believes that innovative thinking is the key to success in advertising. She recognizes the importance of balance between beauty and function, and works to instill this in her students.

Phone: 215-204-4266

E-mail: sherylk@temple.edu

Room 339 Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Dr. Jim Marra

Photo of Professor Jim Marra

“For the most part, Temple ad students are roll-your-sleeves-up kind of people, always at the ready to dig in and make things happen.”

Jim Marra came to Temple because of its reputation as one of the finest communication schools in the nation. Being a Nor’easter and then having been away, Professor Marra discovered the region was in his blood, so he jumped at the Temple opportunity. Add to the mix, a desire to be close to family roots, friends and relatives.  Plus, Temple’s diverse appeals seemed particularly attractive.

To Professor Marra, advertising is a positive, spirited business made so by positive, spirited people. He believes that you can’t be a pessimist and be successful in advertising. It’s populated with optimists, those on the eternal quest for the good in something. Everyone markets. Everyone advertises. Everyone. From the early morning when we decide what to wear, to the late evening when we decide what to say to those beside us, we market and advertise. To market and advertise is to communicate…with ends in mind, of course. It’s just like life in this regard. Even when we talk to ourselves, let alone to others, there are often ends in mind.

Because it’s all about communication, Professor Marra believes that advertising specifically requires certain things from its people. Eclecticism. Knowledge. Brightness. Personality. Creativity. Diligence. Energy. Spirit. And a solid work ethic, which is what he admires most about Temple ad students.

In our department’s student-run ad agency (Diamond Edge Communications, a.k.a. DEC), he’s fond of reminding students to, “Under-promise and over-deliver, and make sure you don’t do it the other way ’round.” He tells them this because they’re optimists, eager to dig in, ready to do the best and most they can, and certain they can do just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Phone: 215-204-1904

E-mail: jlmarra@temple.edu

Room 326 Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Kathy Mueller

Photo of Professor Jin Seong Park

“I believe the student/teacher relationship is mutually beneficial and I expect to learn much from the Temple student body.”

Assistant Professor Kathy Mueller has a love of her crafts as a designer, art director and educator. She cherishes the opportunity to share her excitement, expertise and facilitate growth. She sees herself a problem solver and artist and hopes to inspire her students to do the same.

Kathy received her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design in 2003. She served as Adjunct Instructor of Graphic Design and Illustration at Moore College of Art & Design in the BFA and Digital Media Certificate programs from 2007-2010. Prior to setting-up shop as a freelance Art Director & Designer in 2008, Kathy spent 3 years with branding agency, Kanter International (Now Finch Brands.) The summer of 2010 she participated in the School of Visual Arts Masters Workshop in Italy and has recently been appointed Co-Chair, Programing Committee of the AIGA Philadelphia, the professional association for design.

Phone: 215-204-4262

E-mail: kmueller@temple.edu

Room 303 Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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Gayle Conley

Gayle is more than the most frequent name in Ad students’ inboxes. She is the Advertising Office Administrator, a bridge between the faculty and students. Working hand in hand with our chairman, Dr. Maynard, Gayle helps students move in the right direction. Whether she’s placing you in the right class or keeping everyone updated on scholarship and career opportunities, she’s always excited to help. And she doesn’t ask for much in return. When asked how students can thank her she simply says, “find me and give me a hug as you walk down the aisle at graduation.”

Phone: 215-204-4268

E-mail: gday@temple.edu

Office Hours: The department Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Room 300 Annenberg Hall, Main Campus

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