Study Away



Temple Dublin Summer 2007
Art Direction Track

"I have always wanted to study abroad, but it wasn't until I saw Temple's Dublin Program that I knew where. Ireland's tone was so vastly different from that of the United States. The opportunity to be exposed to another culture in a learning environment ensured that I took as much as possible away with me when I left. During the summer month I spent there, studying media, I fell in love with their way of life. Studying abroad is something I recommend everyone do, and Temple Dublin was an experience I will never forget and often miss."

The School of Media and Communication offers study-abroad opportunities that allow students to see the advertising industry through an international lens. Students are immersed into local culture and take classes unique to their program. These studies are also open to qualified students from other universities and colleges in order to foster intellectual exchange.


London is a rich cultural and intellectual hub for the student of mass media and communication. Approximately 20-40 students per semester attend Temple’s London program and complete internships during the fall at professionally relevant British or American television, film, and video production houses; public relations and advertising agencies; magazines.


During this month-long summer program, students encounter the old Dublin and the new Dublin. They study how a distinctive national identity emerged from Ireland’s literature and from long-fought political revolution. They also experience a modern metropolis with an increasingly multicultural population, a sophisticated European city that is an incubator for artistic and multimedia innovation.

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