SMC Aspiring Scholars

SMC Aspiring Scholars

At the School of Media and Communication, we understand the importance of having scholars among our undergraduate student body. As technology continues to push our fields into new frontiers, it is the researchers who will allow us to fully understand the impact of media on society.

We welcome incoming freshman who qualify for the Temple University President’s and Provost’s Scholars programs (DOWNLOAD PDF FOR DETAILS) to SMC with additional opportunities to create a well-rounded educational experience.

Read on to learn some of the additional benefits these top students will receive from the School of Media and Communication.

Collaborating with graduate students

4578624351_138592d026_bThe school is in the process of creating research teams with SMC’s dean of graduate studies for President’s and Provost’s Scholars to consider joining. Students would be able to work on creating working relationships with both graduate students and supervisory faculty members.

Showcasing scholarly and creative work

SMC plans to create an electronic undergraduate research and creative works journal. Scholars will be groomed to be editors of the journal and to have their work featured. President’s and Provost’s Scholars are also guaranteed admission into our school’s annual Undergraduate Symposium.

Attending the Lew Klein Awards

8122638520_fcf648867b_bOne of our school’s biggest public events is the Lew Klein Alumni in the Media Awards, named for a long-time adjunct professor at SMC, who is a great friend of our school, an award-winning producer and a true media pioneer. It was through this function that some of our top scholars had the change to meet and connect with Anderson Cooper and other media personalities. Students in these programs will be invited to attend the event each fall and will be seated at the top tables.

Showcasing work on TUTV

7943545824_d4c57e1f23_cTUTV, Temple’s cable television station, is housed right in Annenberg Hall. We will work with President’s and Provost’s Scholars to create programming that would air on TUTV.

Traveling to conferences

It’s important for undergraduate scholars to expose themselves to the work of scholars beyond Temple during their time here. Funds have been allocated for President’s and Provost’s Scholars to travel to professional national and regional conferences. Depending on cost and paper acceptance, some students may be given funds to assist with attending these events, where they will meet scholars, artists, researchers and executives from across the country and around the world.

Studying away

7950195244_4f86dda5f9_cThe School of Media and Communication has an active Study Away office, which offers programs in London, Dublin, South Africa and NYC, as well as internship programs in Hong Kong and Barcelona. President’s and Provost’s Scholars would be a vital part of these programs, visiting countries alongside their peers, experiencing a new artistic and cultural background that will most certainly be a highlight of their college years. Additionally, we offer an international academic program that allows select undergraduate scholars to have a concentration in international communication. We are literally bringing the world to you!

Accessing top internships

They’re the key to entering the professional world. An internship allows students to gain practical experience and network with those working in their fields of study. We have the distinct possibility of showcasing President’s and Provost’s Scholars for some of our top internship positions. We have some great contacts in the field and we could open up some really nice possibilities for qualified students.


We can set up lunch events and meeting for our top scholars with some of our school’s deans. We can also set up some great alumni contacts to meet with them to do the same.

At the School of Media and Communication, President’s and Provost’s Scholars will be an important part of the Temple University tradition.

Join us at SMC. Become Temple Made.