Program Overview and Description: The Communication Studies major deepens students’ study and experience of all of the fields within the School of Media and Communication in order to meet the needs of a diverse, changing marketplace. Additionally, students may gain exposure to the fields of Film and Media Arts, and Theater. The Communication Studies program proudly gives students the greatest amount of choice and flexibility for class choices within the School, while also giving students a chance to specialize in either Media Environments, Public Advocacy, Global Communication, or the Arts.  Additionally, students may earn a Major of Distinction through advanced study. Transfer credits from a variety of curricula often apply. Advanced requirements for the major can be completed through the SMC Study Away Programs in New York City, London, Dublin, and South Africa. The entire Program is also offered in Tokyo at Temple University Japan.  Recent graduates and current students have been placed in graduate and law school, media outlets and publications, and governmental organizations.

Current Projects

photoCommStudies major Nadia Ouazzi is working with Temple University to minimize food waste and hunger throughout Philadelphia. Read more here.

Listen to her radio interview on KYW
Jaimee SwiftJaimee Swift, a senior communications major at Temple University’s School of Media and Communication, has organized an event to promote non-violence and suicide awareness. Click here to read more.

Read Karie Simmons’ article on Jaimee Swift for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Tim Jimenez’s piece for KYW NewsRadio.

michael marsh
(photo by Suzi Nash/Philadelphia Gay News)

Michael C. Busza, a resident assistant and double major in communications and English, has been named the first recipient of the MarcDavid LGBTQ Scholarship, created last month to recognize a student’s efforts to further inclusion at Temple.
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Daharis Pesantez
(photo by Ethan Schwartz)

Daharis Pesantez is the first Communication Studies student to be accepted into the Major of Distinction program. Together with her passion for social change and love of NYC, Pesantez will be studying how urban planning can facilitate communication and ultimately lead to social change.

Communication Studies: A New Program of Thought and Practice

“Unscripted & Unwritten” by Darragh Friedman
Interviews with Undergraduate Students

Created by Temple students for Temple students

Projected Course Offerings:

Communication Studies Course Offerings

Meet Spencer Althouse, current employee of Buzzfeed, SMC NYC Study Away program affiliate, and Temple University Communication Studies Alumni Class of 2013:


  1. What current projects/jobs have you been pursuing since undergraduate education?

I was incredibly fortunate to be one of the few people who had a job lined up immediately succeeding my college graduation. I moved to New York and started an internship as an Editorial Fellow at BuzzFeed, all within a week of my leaving Temple University. The internship, where I tirelessly created original, high-quality content in an effort to master what goes “viral” online, lasted three months. I was then offered a full-time position as BuzzFeed’s Community Moderator, which basically meant I was solely responsible for moderating thousands of daily comments that go on our site. Less than a year after that, they promoted me to Community Manager.

  1. How did COMM and SMC impact you outside of the classroom, in the job market?

Much of my success is due to the incredible efforts of Dr. Scott Gratson, Temple’s Communications Director. Aside from graciously humoring my constant fear of failure, Dr. Gratson introduced me to several Temple alumni, which prepared my scared self for the real world. I treated these casual meetings with former Temple students as practice interviews, and that ultimately helped with the real thing at BuzzFeed.

  1. What advice would you give current or prospective Comm students?

I’m a fraud because I never actually had the typical college experience that most people romanticize. I basically spent my college career living inside the Tech Center; I was regularly kicked out on Friday and Saturday nights due to its closing hours. I was convinced that another person would gain the upper hand during the minutes when I took a break from studying or applying for jobs. I let this fear of failure control my life, which makes me think any advice I try to give will be unsound. It’s simple: do your work, try your hardest, and don’t be afraid to put your social life on hold (just don’t postpone it indefinitely, like I did). This all comes back to Eric Thomas’ famous quote: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”