Deborah Cai

Deborah Cai

Senior Associate Dean

Dean's Office, Globalization and Development Communication, M&C and Strategic Communication

Annenberg Hall, Room 334
2020 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Dr. Deborah A. Cai is an internationally recognized researcher specializing in intercultural communication, negotiation and conflict management, and social influence. Her research examines the effects of culture on social networks and on cognitive processes related to perceptions of conflict, decision making, and planning in negotiation. She has studied variations in social networks and relational obligations across cultures, in particular comparing China with Western cultures. Her scholarship addresses theoretical questions utilizing the full range of statistical techniques, from simple tests of mean differences to analysis of elaborate causal structures. She is the editor of the four-volume set that is part of the Sage Benchmarks in Communication on Intercultural Communication, and she has published in the premier outlets of the Communication discipline, including Communication Yearbook, Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, the Journal of Applied Communication Research, and Communication Research.


Type Title Co-Authors Publisher Location Year Misc.
Book Intercultural Communication Sage Thousand Oaks, CA 2010
Journal Article Face goals in apology: A cross-cultural comparison of Chinese and U.S. Americans Han, B. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 2010 20(1), 102-124
Book The SAGE handbook of conflict communication: Integrating theory, research, and practice Fink, E. L., & Wang. Q. Sage Thousand Oaks, CA 2006 pp. 33-64
Book Cultural structuring of the social context of negotiation. In M. J. Gelfand & J. M. Brett (Eds.), The handbook of negotiation and culture Gelfand, M. J. Stanford University Press 2004 pp. 238-257
Book Communication Monographs Fink, E. L. 2002 pp. 69, 67-87
Book Whom do you trust? A cross-cultural comparison Hampton Press Cresskill, NJ 2005 pp. 73-104

Lectures / Conferences

Title Date
“Do we really know who we are when fighting?”: The effect of roles, goals, and emotion on responses to conflict. November 2010
A cross-cultural study of the effect of empathy on the moral judgment of equity – Part II. November 2010
Accounting for conflict behaviors: An attributional approach. June 2010
A cross-cultural study of the effect of empathy on the moral judgment of equity — Part I November 2009
A roles approach: Modeling the effect of self- and other-role enactment on conflict strategies. November 2009
Computer mediated communication and negotiation: Effects of media and power on relationship development. November 2008
Obligations and costs in direct and indirect relationships: A cross-cultural analysis. November 2007
Strategic uses of avoidance in interpersonal conflict: A goals approach. November 2007

Additional Projects

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