Fabienne Darling-Wolf

Fabienne Darling-Wolf

Associate Professor

Globalization and Development Communication, Journalism and M&C

Annenberg Hall, Room 341
2020 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


My teaching and research are part of who I am rather than professional endeavors separate from each other and from my personal life. The knowledge I bring to the classroom comes not only from my professional experience as a graphic designer and occasional free-lance writer, but also as an individual with strong connections to different cultural environments, as an international communication researcher, and even—more often than I wish to admit—as a mother of two.

I teach a variety of courses at Temple including international communication, gender and the American mass media, and ethical issues in journalism. In the past, I have also taught history of journalism, publication design, and the magazine “capstone” course, magazine editing and design. I also regularly teach two of the Mass Media and Communication doctorate program’s core courses (qualitative research methods and communication theory) and a six-week summer workshop in contemporary Japanese culture at Temple University Japan.

I was born and raised in a small French town, and have lived in Texas, Japan, and Iowa before coming to Philadelphia. On the broadest level, my work is concerned with the impact of increasingly global communication flows on culture and social organization. My research seeks to further our understanding, in particular, of how such processes intersect with issues of cultural identity, ethnicity, race, gender and/or class in both the production of global mediated texts and in their local consumption.


  • International communication
  • New media
  • Multimedia
  • Japan
  • Feminist theory
  • Ethnography


Degree Field School
PhD Mass Communications University of Iowa
MA Mass Communication University of Texas at Austin
BA Journalism University of Texas at Austin


Type Title Co-Authors Publisher Location Year Misc.
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Book Chapter Writing women’s lives in media studies The bricolage of media studies 2001


Title Type of Award Date
Teaching Award for Junior Faculty Teaching 2006
Top Faculty Paper Award, International Communication Association Research 2011
Outstanding Faculty Paper Award, Global Fusion Conference Research 2006