Rodney Evans, FMA Visiting Assistant Professor, Feature Film Production: The Happy Sad

Rodney Evans, Visiting Assistant Professor, Film and Media Arts Department, started shooting his second feature length narrative film this summer. THE HAPPY SAD, based on the play by Ken Urban, follows two couples, one black and one white, whose lives collide as they navigate open relationships and sexual identity. The crew for THE HAPPY SAD includes several alumni and several undergraduate and graduate students in the Film and Media Arts Department including Hector Falcon-Villa, Dita Gruze, Alexandra Peck, Brandon Watz, Joseph Kraemer, Astin Sullivan and Max Joslyn. The film stars LeRoy McClain, Sorel Carradine, Charlie Barnett, Cameron Scoggins, Maria Dizzia, Jamie Harrold, Sue Jean Kim and Michael Nathanson. Evans was a Guggenheim fellow and a Creative Capital grantee for 2009. His first feature, BROTHER TO BROTHER, won the Special Jury Prize in Drama at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

The Happy Sad Production

"Photo by Astin Sullivan"

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