Prof. Coover To Screen and Discuss in CFS Talks at University of St. Andrews on Nov. 6th.

This event will feature the presentation of works by  Professor Roderick Coover with discussion around topics of documentary cinematic arts and digital poetics on Tuesday, November 6th, 5:15pm in the Arts Lecture Theatre at the University of St. Andrews. Dr. Coover will present samples from his interactive, cinematic project Unknown Territories, about spatial practice and representation of the America’s “Wild West”. He will also present some short, hybrid projects made with writers in the USA and Europe that explore questions of collaboration, historical narrative and cross-cultural exchange. These will include, among others, selections from Katastofetrilogien (Catastrophe Trilogy) and the combinatory (or “data-base”) cinema project, 3RL, filmed partially on coasts of the North Sea.

Professor. Roderick Coover is a pioneer in interactive documentary media and their poetics. He makes films, interactive cinema, installations and webworks, and he publishes in fields of the arts, humanities and social sciences.  Some of his latest projects include the interactive series Unknown Territories about exploration in the American West ( His works are distributed through Video Data Bank, Documentary Educational Resources, Eastgate Systems and elsewhere and his book Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technology In The Humanities And Arts is published with the University of Chicago Press.

For more information please see: CFS Talk: Digital Poetics, Collaboration and Interactivity: Screenings and Discussion with Roderick Coover.

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