Prof. Subrin Exhibits Works at Oakville Galleries, Ontario, Canada

Prof. Subrin is currently presenting a video and photography installation in a group exhibition, After My Own Heart, at the Oakville Galleries in Oakville, right outside Toronto, Canada from March 24– May 1. The show “brings together a group of artists who are committed to imagining utopia, a new world where women live free of the conventions of contemporary life. While the works in the exhibition span nearly forty years, the potent ideas and iconographies of 1970s feminism resonate throughout.” Artists include New York based artists Sharon Hayes, Barbara Hammer, and Carrie Moyer, and others.


About The Exhibition:

After My Own Heart brings together a group of artists whose works demonstrate an active commitment to feminist world-making. While the works in this show span several decades, the ideas, iconographies and ethos of 1960s and 1970s feminisms loom large. Whether thinking through separatism, gay liberation, core imagery, or simply the power of pleasure, these works mine the potent radicalism of feminism’s second wave to create a vibrant utopian imaginary—a time and place envisioned, unrealized, but still very much longed for.

For more information, click After My Own Heart.



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