Moving Camera Olympics Live Steam on Wednesday, May 1st.

The “Moving Camera Olympics” is a part of 2013 Diamond Screen Film Festival. The students in the FMA Moving Camera classes compete for medals in games of skill and agility. Over the past semester, the students have honed their skills with this piece of equipment that allows the operator to move freely around a film set, yet still maintain a steady and flowing shot. It’s designed to counter the effects of the operator’s natural body movement.

The contest will be held at TV Studio 1, from 9 AM – 1 PM on Wednesday, May 1st. It will be live streaming here.

Events include:

  • Static Balance Setup,
  • Dynamic Balance Showdown,
  • Hands Free Race,
  • Walking the Line,
  • Aerial Drone Piloting & Cinematic Long Take

Brandon Watz, one of the class instructors, says the resulting shot is similar to what you can get by using a dolly. “The difference is that you’re a little bit more mobile.” Associate Professor Mike Kuetemeyer said students took the lead in designing each event. They included “Walk the Line,” in which the competitors had to walk toward and then away from an image that they had to keep in the frame. The fastest to do so won. Kuetemeyer said training for these skills events “does help them as operators. When it comes down to doing a shot, you’re pretty good.”

Click here to learn more about Diamond Screen.

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