Prof. Evans To Participate A2E: Artist to Entrepreneur By The San Francisco Film Society

FMA Prof. Evans, with his filmmaking team for his recent film, The Happy Sad, will participate in the first edition of A2E: Artist to Entrepreneur, the two-part digital distribution lab taking place during the festival and spearheaded by the San Francisco Film Society executive director Ted Hope. The Film Society has also revealed exclusively to Indiewire the other 11 filmmaking teams on the list.

As Indiewire previously announced, A2E: Artist to Entrepreneur will take place May 2 – 5 in two parts: A lab focused on direct distribution called OnRamp and a series of networking sessions entitled LaunchPad.

The lab is designed to help filmmakers consider the prospects of direct distribution by not only showing them how to take advantage of digital platforms but providing marketing guidance as well. The films selected for the lab are a combination of titles that have recently screened at festivals and others in various stages of production. “We tried to find a mix of movies,” Hope told Indiewire. “This is a pilot program designed to excavate the best practices that we need to dig ourselves out of the hole as an independent film culture.” He added that while the lab was not intended to force filmmakers to utilize direct distribution, several participants had already expressed interest in doing so.

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