Prof. d’Agostino Organizes Artists’ Book Exhibition at Printed Matter, NY, May 17th – Jun 29th.

Printed Matter presents an exhibition of artists’ books from NFS Press, San Francisco, and Tanam Press, New York. The show is co-organized with FMA Professor Peter d’Agostino, who worked closely with both presses in the 1970s and 1980s. The first NFS book, Photography and Language (1976), was edited by Lew Thomas and includes d’Agostino’s ALPHA, a photo/text project based on Godard’s film Alphaville. Another book Photography: the problematic model, (co-edited by Thomas and d’Agostino, 1982) features early work by Barbara Kruger, Fred Lonidier, Cindy Sherman, etc.

Tanam Press was founded in 1980 by Reese Williams with the release of LP recordings with talks by Buckminster Fuller and Susan Sontag. Tanam books by d’Agostino include: Transmission (1985), and The Un/Necessary Image (co-edited with Muntadas, 1982) with artworks and essays by: Deirdre Boyle, Martha Gever, Todd Gitlin, Hans Haacke, John Hanhardt, Barbara London, Nam June Paik, David Ross, Kristine Stiles, Marita Sturken etc.

For more information, please visit Printed  Matter.

2 pdA PM covers NFS Tanam

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