Prof. Erickson to Screen at the Society of Women Engineers National Conference in Baltimore MD on Oct 26.

FMA professor LeAnn Erickson will be screening her film, Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII, at the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) National Conference in Baltimore, MD on Oct 26. The conference is expecting over 6000 attendees to join in this three-day educational celebration of all things engineering from around the world.

‘Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII’ Looks back on a little-known part of the war effort that recruited female mathematicians to work as “computers” for the U.S. Army during World War II, this eye-opening documentary sheds light on some remarkable unsung heroines. From developing ballistics tables to programming the first electronic computer designed to improve Army efficiency, these top-secret “Rosies” made critical wartime contributions.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering, and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions as engineers and leaders. During SWE annual conference, it brings together leaders, businesses, organizations, universities and innovators in the industry with networking and professional development opportunities. Founded in 1950, SWE is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career for women.


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