FMA Professor Peter d’Agostino’s projects featured in April

Apr 11-15  Harvestworks Digital Media Center, New York City   

Installation: preview of a work-in-progress

glacier menor

World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / ICE is a video – web installation of Peter d’Agostino’s video walks performed at glaciers in Iceland, Alaska & Argentina. These sites at the top and bottom of the globe provide compelling evidence of escalating man-made climatic changes. The World-Wide-Walks explore elements of natural, ?cultural & virtual identities and have been performed on?six continents over the past four decades.

The installation is a three-screen video projection of images, maps, and texts within a surround- sound environment composed by Reese Williams as evolving resonant glacial dynamics. Produced with support from Harvestworks and a grant from Temple’s Center for the Arts. For more information: 

aparatus menor

April 15, 3:30pm, Temple University Paley Library, Philadelphia
Artists Books from NFS and Tanam Press 1970s – 80s:  Reese Williams in conversation with Peter d’Agostino

Reese Williams, founder of the influential Tanam Press, will discuss 1970s- 80s artists’ books with Professor d’Agostino. Over the course of five years, this press published LP recordings featuring talks by Buckminster Fuller and Susan Sontag, as well as lively individual and collaborative projects from writers and visual and media artists that utilize the page in innovative ways. Playing across genre, the publications from Tanam Press incorporate critical essays, poetry, experimental prose, photography, film, video and television.

San Francisco based NFS Press, co-founded by Lew Thomas and Donna-Lee Philips, published and distributed landmark conceptual photography books. Through a range of critical approaches, the publications looked to understand the implications of the photographic image and how it is has come to shape our relationship with the world.

Peter d’Agostino worked closely with both presses and co-curated, NFS & Tanam Press: 1970s-80s, an exhibition at Printed Matter, NY, the world’s leading source for artists’ books. Books and posters from the exhibition will be on display.  For more information:  Paley Library

PHOTOS:  Photography and Language   Lew Thomas, editor © 1976 cover: Peter d’Agostino
Apparatus Theresa Cha, editor © 1980 cover: Dziga Vertov

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