Temple University’s Web Series One of the Guys Wins College Emmy

oneof theguysOne of the Guys produced by Temple University students is a winner of the TV Emmy for Best College Series. Created and directed by Michael Busza, a senior student at Temple University Honors Program and produced by Jen Parmer and Jaime Sweet, the half-hour web-based television series follows the escapades of three gay friends and their straight roommate as all four seek love, purpose, and a happy home.

The College Television Awards is a national competition recognizing excellence in college student-produced video, digital and film work. Each year, they receive entries from hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide. Winners are honored with a personalized trophy at the gala in Los Angeles, receive cash awards, industry recognition and the opportunity to network with top television executives.

The web series has already received other grants as the Temple University Media Studies and Production Awards, Temple University Communication Studies Seed Grant; Temple University Creative Arts, Research, and Scholarship Grant; 2013 and 2014 Temple University MarcDavid LGBT Scholarship (awarded to writer/director Michael Busza); Temple University “Temple Made” Designation (awarded to writer/director Michael Busza).

One of the guys started last fall, and the last episode will be will premiere online in April 2014. Watch the episodes including the winner Episode 5 here.

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