Temple Alums highlighted in Variety after successful seasons in Hollywood


Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim started to produce comic videos as film majors. After graduation and a disappointing period in Hollywood, they came back to Philadelphia to make money. Refusing to give up, they continued working on their short movies and in 2002 released TimandEric.com. The site hosted many of their underground, micro-budget productions.

It was a DVD sent to the right person, Bob Odenkirk, a writer-producer, that put them on a plane back to Hollywood, this time to produce their own content.

After successful seasons of their web series, Heidecker and Wareheim formed Abso Lutely to keep artistic control over their productions, including  “The Eric and Eric Show” (Adult Swim), “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie” (featuring Jeff Goldblum and Odenkirk), and Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You,” starring Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder.

It may seem like a film plot, but this is reality!  To read the complete story visit Variety’s web site here.


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