How do I apply for internships?

  • Most companies recruit interns during fall, spring, and/or summer.  Recruitment begins as early as 8 months prior to the start of the internship for highly competitive positions. Some internships are offered only during the summer in LA (such as the top talent agencies CAA and UTA; ESPN, CBS Interactive, and certain advertising agencies.) However, the summer is also a more competitive time to apply because there are many more applicants for the same positions.
  • In general, the more competitive internships have earlier deadlines. (i.e. – Top talent agencies and advertising agencies, sports media companies, print and broadcast journalism outlets, and talk shows like CONAN and Ellen.)  If these are your specific areas of interest, consult with FMA Study Away about the best time to enroll in the program.

What if I don’t get an internship?

  • In the nearly 20 years that LA Away has run, all students have secured an internship. However, placement depends on you qualifications and experience, as well as the quality and timeliness of your application and interview.

Do I have to take Entertainment Industry Perspectives?

  • In the fall and spring we strongly recommend that ALL students take EIP, as it is the cornerstone class that will introduce you to diverse areas within the entertainment industry. Guest speakers will provide you with an in-depth look at individual jobs, career paths, and personal experiences.

What Courses are offered in the summer?

  • All students in the summer session must take the Internship course.
  • Students must take at least one additional course – Entertainment Industry Perspectives and LA Culture are offered. (See descriptions here.)

Is LA Away more expensive?

  • Your tuition for participating in LA Away is exactly the same as it is on main campus, and there is no additional university charge for being away. Any additional costs will vary per student and depend on spending money, car rental, housing, and airfare.

Can I use my financial aid?

  • Students may apply their financial aid to their semester away, though this is more easily done during the fall and spring semesters. Students interested in participating in the summer need to know that they may have to apply for additional loans if they have already used their allotted funds for the year.
  • Student Financial Services is made aware of every students participating and you are considered “on campus” for the purposes of financial aid.
  • Students should look for additional scholarships and funding through their schools, departments, and outside grants.

When will I receive my scholarship?

  • Scholarships granted by Study Away will be applied as a credit to your Temple bill. It may not appear until the official release date of the first e-bill of the semester. (Check the bursar’s billing schedule).

What about graduation?

  • Students wishing to do the program in summer may walk in May but defer their official graduation date until August. Many students choose this option if they plan on staying in LA after the program.

What about my transcript?

  • LA course credits will show up on your regular Temple transcript
  • Non-Temple students can order their transcript and request transfer credits to their home institution.


Where do I stay?

  • Most students stay at the Oakwood Apartments – Toluca Hills is near Burbank, up the hill from Warner Brothers, and close to Universal, NBC and Disney studios.
  • Students who have signed a waiver may choose to live off campus, though this rarely happens.

When can I get there?

  • The Oakwood is available to you by 3pm on the first day of the program. Any time you wish to spend in LA before or after the program will be at your own expense. We recommend that you stay at a nearby hotel as the Oakwood has a three-night minimum stay, and prices are extremely high for short periods of time.

What does the Oakwood Provide?

  • The 2-bedroom (4 person) apartments you will be living in come fully furnished. You will also have access to swimming pools, hot tubs, a fitness center, washer and dryer, a convenience store and more. For specifics on the amenities of each room, please click here.

How will roommates be chosen?

  • You are free to choose your own roommates. You can do this through private communication amongst yourselves and then reach out to LA Away or you can meet with people at the pre-departure meeting,

How will I be charged for housing?

  • Your housing cost will be added to your Temple tuition bill, combined with your activities fee, and will appear as a line item called “Program Fees.”


Do I have to rent a car? What if I’m under 25?

  • LA is a driving city, there’s no doubt about it. It’s also hilly and spread out. This means that walking, biking, and motorcycling are extremely difficult, especially if your internship requires that you be at different locations or transport things. About 99% of our students use a car in LA. Students between the ages of 18-20 ARE allowed to rent for an additional $5/day, specifically through an agreement with Enterprise. Contact LA Away for additional details.
  • The remaining few rely on public transportation. Public trans can be difficult to navigate, and slow, but students have successfully completed the program this way. For a “how to” written by a former student, click here.


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