Filmmaking Resources

In the last five years, Temple has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into upgrading our equipment. The school now has four Aaton Super-16 film cameras, along with state-of-the-art lighting and sound packages available for student use.

Please use these manuals and resources to help you get the best possible image and audio for your efforts:

Bolex RX5 (Regular and Super 16mm)

Joel Schlemowitz’s website on the Bolex
Bolex H16 RX5 Manual (.pdf)
Bolex Shutter Speeds

Regular 16mm Film Cameras

Arriflex 16SR
Arriflex 16SR2 (.pdf)

Aaton Super 16mm cameras

Aaton A-Minima Manual (.pdf)
Aaton LTR Manual (.pdf)
Aaton XTR Plus
Aaton XTR Prod Manual: part one (.pdf) and part two (.pdf)

Panasonic DVX-100a

Panasonic DVX-100a Manual (.pdf)
Harry W. Foulds’ Guide to DVX-100 Set-up Menus (.pdf)
DVX-100 Focus Chart (.pdf)
AdamWilt.com on the DVX-100a
Cinematography.com’s forum on the DVX-100a

Sony HDV Cameras

Sony HVR-Z1U Manual (.pdf)

Light Meters

Sekonic Analog Light Meter
Gossen Luna Pro Digital (.pdf)
Sekonic L-558 Manual (.pdf)
Sekonic L-558 Quickguide (.pdf)
Sekonic L-608 Manual (.pdf)
Sekonic L-608 Quickguide (.pdf)
Minolta Color Meter IIIF (.pdf)
Gerald Hirschfeld, A.S.C on Exposure Meters (.pdf)

Lighting Equipment and Information

Kino Flo F.A.Q.
Color Temperature Data for Kino Flos (.pdf)


Standard 3:2 pulldown, explained by Arri (.pdf)
24p options
Pulldown on the AVID and 3:2 vs. 2:3
Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro (and more)
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group
Color Bars and How to Use Them

Additional Resources

CML – Cinematography Mailing List
Cinematechnic Resource Page
Fujifilm Motion Picture Website
Kodak Motion Picture Student Website
Siemens Focus Star (.pdf)
Tiffen Filters (.pdf)

Videoblogging Resources


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