LA Study Away Graduate Scholarship

Please send the following link to your advisor/mentor to complete. You should have made an appointment with them in advance to discuss the ways in which Study Away would serve your time in your graduate program. This is not a generalized reference and the recommendation should speak specifically to your goals.

Study Away Graduate Scholarship

  • To which program are you applying? (LA or SF)
  • (ie- Fall, Spring, Summer)
  • (ie- CFA, CLA, Fox)
  • (ie- Film and Media Arts, English, Business)
  • How many years have you completed as a graduate student at Temple?
  • Who will be providing your letter of recommendation?
  • Statement of Intent

    In 1-2 pages please explain how a semester in LA would fit into the trajectory of your academic and professional career. What are your goals and anticipated outcomes? How are these specifically influenced by time spent in Los Angeles?