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Temple Alums highlighted in Variety after successful seasons in Hollywood


Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim started to produce comic videos as film majors. After graduation and a disappointing period in Hollywood, they came back to Philadelphia to make money. Refusing to give up, they continued working on their short movies and in 2002 released The site hosted many of their underground, micro-budget productions.

It was a DVD sent to the right person, Bob Odenkirk, a writer-producer, that put them on a plane back to Hollywood, this time to produce their own content.

After successful seasons of their web series, Heidecker and Wareheim formed Abso Lutely to keep artistic control over their productions, including  “The Eric and Eric Show” (Adult Swim), “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie” (featuring Jeff Goldblum and Odenkirk), and Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You,” starring Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder.

It may seem like a film plot, but this is reality!  To read the complete story visit Variety’s web site here.


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FMA Alum’s Film Finalists for the Student Academy Award

sweep Sweepstakes is a finalist for the Student Academy Award. Directed by Mark Tumas when he was a senior student in the Film and Media Arts Undergraduate Program, the short film tells the story of a new mother who reflects about the life she could have had after her husband have suffered a neurological complication.

Forty-one students from 23 U.S. colleges and universities as well as 10 students from foreign universities have been selected as finalists in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 41st Student Academy Awards competition. The winning students will be brought to Los Angeles for a week of industry activities and social events that will culminate in the awards ceremony on Saturday, June 7, at 6 p.m., at the DGA Theater in Hollywood.

Sweepstakes was also screened at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in April of 2014 and was awarded the Princess Grace Film Honoraria Grant, read more about it here.

For more information about the Student Academy Award visit their website.

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Temple’s MFA thesis film is a Platinum Remi Award winner at the 47th Worldfest-Houston


Maquette 1:1000 directed by Doris Chia-ching Lin (’12 MFA), a FMA Temple University’s alumnus is a Platinum Remi Award winner at the 47th Worldfest-Houston. WorldFest is one of the oldest and largest film & video competitions in the world, it was founded over 50 years ago as Cinema Arts, an International Film Society in August, 1961. WorldFest became the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York.

The short film tells the story of a Taiwanese young architect’s self-awareness through the observation of two difference cities. Impacted by the cultural shock in the foreign environment of the West, Lan Lin makes her decision as she is again facing the same experience, unexpected pregnancy. Having the space-sensitive mind of an architect, she also reconstructs her artistic faith in her career within this extraordinary journey.  The film is Lin’s thesis film at Temple UniversityMaquette 1:1000 is also a finalist of the Jury Award (short film) at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. It was screen on May 3rd in Los Angeles. 

Doris Chia-ching Lin is a filmmaker, multimedia artist and set designer from Taiwan. Her work explores multimedia arts. Check more information about her, please visit her website here.

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Temple University’s Web Series One of the Guys Wins College Emmy

oneof theguysOne of the Guys produced by Temple University students is a winner of the TV Emmy for Best College Series. Created and directed by Michael Busza, a senior student at Temple University Honors Program and produced by Jen Parmer and Jaime Sweet, the half-hour web-based television series follows the escapades of three gay friends and their straight roommate as all four seek love, purpose, and a happy home.

The College Television Awards is a national competition recognizing excellence in college student-produced video, digital and film work. Each year, they receive entries from hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide. Winners are honored with a personalized trophy at the gala in Los Angeles, receive cash awards, industry recognition and the opportunity to network with top television executives.

The web series has already received other grants as the Temple University Media Studies and Production Awards, Temple University Communication Studies Seed Grant; Temple University Creative Arts, Research, and Scholarship Grant; 2013 and 2014 Temple University MarcDavid LGBT Scholarship (awarded to writer/director Michael Busza); Temple University “Temple Made” Designation (awarded to writer/director Michael Busza).

One of the guys started last fall, and the last episode will be will premiere online in April 2014. Watch the episodes including the winner Episode 5 here.

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Professor Rea Tajiri’s film Lordville to screen at LA Asian Pacific Film Fest

LORDVILLE_lamprey1_300dpiLordville, directed by Temple University FMA Professor Rea Tajiri, will be screened on May 4th at the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest.

Celebrating the 30th year, the festival presents over 140 films from more then 20 different countries featuring World Premieres, Sneak Previews; Showcasing Documentaries and Narratives Focusing on the Voices of Asian Pacific Americans and Asian Peoples from Around the World.

The documentary was described as …a film which positions Tajiri at the forefront of current conversations about hybrid documentary form…” by the independent curator and educator Chi-hui Yang, who is also Board Member of the Flaherty Seminar.

For more information about the screenings visit LA Asian Pacific Film Festival’s website here. Check out Lordville’s trailer and also follow the film’s news here.

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Professor Nora M. Alter was featured guest speaker at the University of Maryland Symposium


FMA Temple’s Professor Nora Alter was invited to present her work on the University of Maryland Film Colloquium: “The Filmmaker’s Voice: The Essay Film and the Circulation of Ideas”, on 4th of April.

Her talk, entitled: “Essays Elsewhere” was part of a conference, co-organized by the Film Studies Program and the Graduate Field Committee in Film Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park and The National Gallery of Art. 

Essay film is a hybrid form that crosses boundaries and rests somewhere in between fiction and nonfiction cinema, it also marks the intersection of cultures, arts and politics.

For more information about the event visit the Colloquium website here.


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FMA Professor Peter d’Agostino’s projects featured in April

Apr 11-15  Harvestworks Digital Media Center, New York City   

Installation: preview of a work-in-progress

glacier menor

World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / ICE is a video – web installation of Peter d’Agostino’s video walks performed at glaciers in Iceland, Alaska & Argentina. These sites at the top and bottom of the globe provide compelling evidence of escalating man-made climatic changes. The World-Wide-Walks explore elements of natural, ?cultural & virtual identities and have been performed on?six continents over the past four decades.

The installation is a three-screen video projection of images, maps, and texts within a surround- sound environment composed by Reese Williams as evolving resonant glacial dynamics. Produced with support from Harvestworks and a grant from Temple’s Center for the Arts. For more information: 

aparatus menor

April 15, 3:30pm, Temple University Paley Library, Philadelphia
Artists Books from NFS and Tanam Press 1970s – 80s:  Reese Williams in conversation with Peter d’Agostino

Reese Williams, founder of the influential Tanam Press, will discuss 1970s- 80s artists’ books with Professor d’Agostino. Over the course of five years, this press published LP recordings featuring talks by Buckminster Fuller and Susan Sontag, as well as lively individual and collaborative projects from writers and visual and media artists that utilize the page in innovative ways. Playing across genre, the publications from Tanam Press incorporate critical essays, poetry, experimental prose, photography, film, video and television.

San Francisco based NFS Press, co-founded by Lew Thomas and Donna-Lee Philips, published and distributed landmark conceptual photography books. Through a range of critical approaches, the publications looked to understand the implications of the photographic image and how it is has come to shape our relationship with the world.

Peter d’Agostino worked closely with both presses and co-curated, NFS & Tanam Press: 1970s-80s, an exhibition at Printed Matter, NY, the world’s leading source for artists’ books. Books and posters from the exhibition will be on display.  For more information:  Paley Library

PHOTOS:  Photography and Language   Lew Thomas, editor © 1976 cover: Peter d’Agostino
Apparatus Theresa Cha, editor © 1980 cover: Dziga Vertov

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Senior Project Alum’s Film to Premiere in Tribeca Film Festival in April.


Sweepstakes directed by Temple University’s alumnus, Mark Tumas, has been selected to screen at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival (TFF). The project was made in the Senior Projects class when Tumas was a senior (2012), in the Film and Media Arts Program. The story is about a new mother that faces the life she could have had after her husband suffers a neurological complication. As part of the “Flight Delays” Narrative Short Film Program, Sweepstakes will be screened four times between April 17th and April 27th.

In 2012, Tumas received a Princess Grace Film Honoraria Grant to help fund the film. Sweepstakes was produced by H. Robert Wunder, also a Temple Student, and Rodney Evans, FMA Temple’s professor is the Executive Producer.

The Tribeca Film Festival has become one of the most prestigious film festivals, it is well known for being a diverse international film festival that supports emerging and established directors. The 2014 TFF edition, will present 58 short films, 29 of which are world premieres. The selections were curated from 3,074 submissions.

For more information about the screenings of Sweepstakes in Tribeca Film Festival visit the festival’s website.

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MFA Student’s work on Episode of “Local, USA,” PBS

leslie2Leslie Koren, a Temple MFA student in Film and Media Arts, is creative producer of “Dying and Dinner Parties,” and “The Morgue,” two documentary shorts released recently as part of an episode on “Local, USA” in conjunction with World on PBS in Chicago. “Dying and Dinner Parties” had it’s festival premiere at the Hampton’s International Film Festival and has played at several festivals across the US.

“Local, USA” Series is produced in partnership with WTTW in Chicago, World Channel and The series is a half-hour, 13-week series that features fascinating stories of diverse people, culled from public television stations and independent producers from across the country, and curated around a single theme for each program.

Koren’s work is featured in an episode of Local, USA on Death and Dying. The excerpts follow a teenage hospice volunteer as he relays advice from his hospice patients (“The Morgue”); and portrays a dying Brooklyn woman and former hospice worker, as she prepares for her own final journey with dignity, and a dinner party (“Dying and Dinner Parties”). They were produced originally by ThinPlace|Pictures and directed by Lily Henderson.

The project gave Leslie the unique opportunity of gaining entry into the mysterious aspects of death and dying, while also highlighting the altruistic work of diverse Hospice volunteers in the US. Read more about the series here.

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MFA Alumna’s Documentary released by National Black Programming Consortium


Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, a Temple MFA student in Film and Media Arts, is director of “A Gentleman’s War,” produced and released this month by the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC).

Founded in 1979, NBPC develops, produces and funds media content about the Black experience for public media sources including television, digital radio and online outlets. Since 1991 the organization has invested more than $10 million dollars in documentary content for public media such as PBS and NPBC also trains, mentors and supports producers, and manages community engagement projects.

“A Gentleman’s War” is a transmedia documentary that presents the sights, sounds and anecdotes of New York’s cricketing community. It features interviews with scholars of the sport, photographs of fans and players, as well as documentary shorts. All the material can be accessed through an interactive web platform designed by Luisa Covaria. The project shows how cricket was cultivated for African Diaspora immigrants, mainly from the Caribbean, who led their teams to participate in professional competitions as the well-respected Metropolitan cricket league.

This innovative project gave Madeleine Hunt the opportunity to present at the 50th anniversary celebration and on C.L.R. James and his classic cricket memoir “Beyond a Boundary.” The conference was hosted by University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland.
To check out the project visit “A Gentleman’s War”´s website here.

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