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Traveling Temple Film Festival

I have just completed my second year as a film student at Temple
University. I am organizing a traveling student film showcase featuring
exclusively the work of my fellow temple students. We are undertaking this
large effort as a means to promote ourselves and also raise money for
future school projects. We have a list of 15 potential locations and it is
on a path from Harrisburg, PA to Philadelphia, happening between July and
the commencement of the new school year. The Allen Theater in Anneville
has expressed its interest in participation and the Middletown Area Arts
Collective just outside of Harrisburg has been booked for our kick-off
screening on July 9th.

I emailing you to inform you we undertaking this project and are hoping
for the support of our department. We believe that though our film school
does not hold the reputation of being prestigious, it certainly should be
respected. We appreciate the opportunities and education our department
and school provides for us. Not many schools can brag about the fact that
freshman can be shooting film by their second semester and they could be
shooting on the Red One digital cinema camera just months later. The
concentration of Temple students working in the industry right out of
college is also extremely high.

Would you be willing to pass this along to some of the members of the
faculty? We would love it if some of the faculty in the film department
would be willing to travel with us to some of the locations and speak to
the audiences and share the limelight of our efforts.

I am going to be emailing Ms. Kozen to send out a message over the
listserv for students that would like to submit their work. We are try to
fill a block of two hours with exceptional material.

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Video Contest

My name is Aaron Frank. I work for a company that manages the band Trans-
Siberian Orchestra. Together with our record label, Atlantic Records, we
are currently promoting a single of ours by having a contest in which
people can submit videos online, that are created to go along with the
We have received a good response to the contest, but are lacking the
professional quality videos that we are hoping for. I am sure that many of
your students or professors would be capable of producing some excellent
work that would have a great chance of winning. The prize that we are
giving away is an editing suite worth around $15,000, which we are
purchasing from B&H Photo and video.
I’m sure that during summer break you have less students that you are able
to reach out to, but if you can think of anyone that would be interested
in this contest, I would really appreciate it. It really is a great prize,
and would hopefully be very beneficial to a student or professor looking
for start-up or replacement equipment.
Here is the link for the contest if you would like to check it out, all of
the information you need, including details about the prize are in here:

Thank you, and look forward to hearing from you!
Aaron Frank

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Crew Needed

TUTV is producing a 25 min pilot TV show, showcasing student films from
the FMA department, and a small crew is needed to shoot wrap-arounds and
interviews. The following positions are needed:
• Camera (Handheld HD)
• Audio/Boom/Mixing
• Lighting
• Production Assistant (Cue Cards/Prompter, etc)
If anyone is available this THURSDAY JUNE 10th from 1230-430PM to work in
ANNENBERG HALL, TV Studio 1, please contact Scott McClennen at (215) 237-
6420 or

Thank you!

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The Producer: Einhorn stays behind the camera — Middletown Press and Journal

As a high school student, Junior Max Einhorn, FMA, wrote film reviews for the Press and Journal. Today the Temple undergraduate is the producer of The Two-Roomer, an independent feature film. “I have a clichéd history as a filmmaker,” he said. “I was just one of those kids that found their parents’ video camera.” While enrolled at Temple, Einhorn found time between exams to help raise funds, organize the premiere of his film and ensure a packed house. The premiere was held in Harrisburg, a short walk from nearly every one of the film’s set locations.

Click here to read the full story.

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Professor Alter participates in festival of contemporary art in Italy

Professor Nora Alter, FMA, MMC, participated in a panel titled “Thinking About Art: New Media Art” with Gertrud Koch, Paolo Rosa and moderator Pier Luigi Sacco at the OPERE/Works Festival of Contemporary Art in Faenza, Italy, May 21-23.

Details about the event are available here.

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FMA alumni begin production on Geospatial Revolution Project

Stephanie (Garoian) Ayanian, FMA ’06, and Cheraine Stanford, FMA ’07, are beginning production on the Geospatial Revolution Project at Penn State Public Broadcasting. The public media and outreach initiative focuses on the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave and interact. The first episode will be released in mid-September.

Check out the trailer here.

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Notable Alumni

Sheldon Yeager ’98, is Director of Business Development for MTV in New York. He oversees the company’s HD screen business in Times Square – 44 ½ – a 24/7 channel that runs videos, interstitials and ads 365 days a year. In June, Yeager launched a partnership with the public arts organization Creative Time to bring a quarterly video art series to 44 ½. The series debuted with the U.S. premiere of Sex Pistols founder Malcolm McLaren’s “Shallow” on the heels of its world premiere at Art Basel. Yeager also manages MTV’s joint venture in the Animation Show, a traveling theatrical tour from Mike Judge. He previously ran MTV’s joint venture in Puerto Rico, and prior to that, produced with the company.
Barbara Attie, ’96, has been producing and directing documentaries on women’s and social justice issues since 1990. In 2005, her collaborative work with Janet Goldwater was recognized when they were awarded the prestigious Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Attie and Goldwater recently completed What Harm Is It To Be A Woman?, a four-part series on the religious roots of violence against women produced for The Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Rights and Ethics. In 2007, she was inducted into SCT’s Hall of Fame. Lew Klein Award Winner 2007
Ariella Furman ’08 has been described by the Wall Street Journal as “a master of machinima, an emerging genre of virtual movie-making.” She began her work in a documentary film class and now makes Second Life videos for clients like IBM and the World Bank. She also does work with the media tech companies Popcha! and Electric Sheep Co. Furman writes scripts and shoots her scenes with avatar actors who are controlled by other players. The videos capture how people live and socialize in Second Life. Her own avatar in Second Life is Ariella Languish, who she used to dress up as a geisha or Amazonian warrior, but who now sticks to business suits so she looks professional when she meets with clients.
Heidi Saman ’07 is an associate producer for arts and culture at WHYY-TV, the NPR/PBS affiliate in Philadelphia. One year after she graduated from SCT’s Film School with her FMA, she was at the Cannes Film Festival, where the short narrative film she wrote, directed and edited for her thesis had been selected for its world premiere. The Maid, a 19-minute film in Arabic with English subtitles, concerns a house maid in Cairo who must come to terms with her perceptions of trust, duty, and her place within the family household. Saman has worked in media relations at American University as a writer, a copy editor and photographer and also was a freelance journalist for The Cairo Times News Magazine, where her stories focused on gender-related issues in Egypt and the Middle East. Pears, an experimental short that Saman wrote and directed, has screened at festivals around the world. Her short film, Walkers/Drivers, received the Panavision New Filmmakers Equipment Grant.

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Videographer Needed

Dear Rita Kozen;  I teach at the college of music at TU and am in need of
help in editing together a short video from two preexisting DVD’s for a
grant application.  I was hoping there might be a student around this
Summer who would like a little extra paying job, which would probably be
quite simple.  There is a time constraint and I’ve been leaving messages
at various voice mailboxes at FMA since last week, but I never hear back
from anyone.  Can you help me with this question?
Thanks! Jay Krush (cell:  215-520-0818)

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Diamond Screen Film Festival winners announced

The winners of the 2010 Diamond Screen Film Festival were:

Best First Film: Mark Tumas, Letter to Pop (student membership to Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, $100 gift certificate to Philadelphia Theatrical Supply, and CDs from The Tape Company)

Best Undergraduate: Kali Baker-Johnson, Johnny’s Leaving ($100 award, plus 3 hours of transfer time at Shooters/The Dive, Gorilla Software)

Best Graduate: Brandon Watz, David Miranda Hardy, Hector Falcon Villa, Katya Gorker, Dientes De Arena ($100 award, 3 hours of transfer time at Shooters/The Dive, DVDs from The Tape Company)

Best Cinematography: Dave Patten, Inside ($250 gift certificate to Videosmith, 2 hours of transfer time at Shooters/The Dive)

Best Editing: John Note, My Tooth is Looth (student membership to Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, external hard-drive, Tristan Video rentals)

Best Narrative: Thomas Grimes, Promise Land ($100 award, student membership to Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, Gorilla software, Tristan Video rentals)

Best Experimental: John Note, My Tooth is Looth ($100 award, student membership to Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, Gorilla software, Tristan Video rentals)

Best Documentary: Aaron Popelka, Sex Ed ($100 award, student membership to Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, Gorilla software, Tristan Video rentals)

Best Screenplay: Christopher Fernando, As We Die ($100 award, student membership to Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, Tristan Video rentals)

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FMA alumna honored by Phi Theta Kappa

Carolyn Coulter, FMA ’02, assistant professor of social science and advisor of Atlantic Cape Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, captured a Paragon Award for New Advisors at the 92nd annual Phi Theta Kappa Convention, April 8-10, in Orlando, Fla.

Coulter is currently pursuing a PhD in anthropology at Temple.

Exceptional members, officers, advisors, college administrators and chapters are recognized annually at the Phi Theta Kappa Annual Convention for their achievements.

Award-winning advisors are those who make significant contributions to the growth of individual members, serve as the chapter’s advocate on campus, and encourage the chapter to be involved on the local, regional and/or international level of the organization.

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