Grants and Scholarships


BEN LAZAROFF(Departmental) Awarded annually to a talented student in the screenwriting program enrolled in the spring semester, this scholarship is to be used the following school year. $250.00 Undergraduate / $250.00 Graduate
BEATRICE DEGLIN LEDER FILM AND VIDEO PRODUCTION AWARD FUND(Departmental)Production award given to an outstanding sophomore or junior in Film and Media Arts to complete a film or video work currently in progress. Applicants submit a DVD or tape of their work, along with a budget and timetable for completion.
GRICKIS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUNDAn annual award to provide scholarships for FMA Honors students who demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.
MOTION PICTURE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDAn annual award to FMA students who have demonstrated academic achievement and financial need.


Highly competitive awards to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate superior ability in cinematography as well as overall academic excellence. Applicant must submit a portfolio and must be enrolled as a full-time student. Department makes two nominations, determined by Prof. Warren Bass, for this nationally competitive $5,000 tuition scholarship.
PRINCESS GRACE(National)Nominations for film grants are submitted by the dean and department chairs, in conjunction with the faculty of established United States colleges and universities, byinvitation only. All nominees must have already completed one film. Film grants are made as scholarships for undergraduate and graduate thesis film productions. Candidates must apply in their second or last year of study.
THE JASON SCHOENAGLE AWARD FUND ‘94Established in 2007 by family and friends of Jason Schoenagle to provide awards for academically excellent FMA majors with financial need who are studying in the LosAngeles Internship Program.
THE DEREK FREESE FILMMAKER AWARD Production award  ($1500 each for a total of $3000) given to the two “best” films from the Senior Project class at the end of the school year at the Diamond Screen Film Festival awards ceremony. An outside jury, selected by class instructor, nominates five films for the award. The Derek Freese Film Foundation board of directors then selects the two winners.