Study Away

Temple University offers study abroad opportunities that provide students with valuable international experience. These studies are open to qualified students from other universities and colleges in order to foster intellectual exchange.

Please read our Study Away FAQs for more information.

Los Angeles Internship Program

Los Angeles Intern Program is open to all undergraduate and graduate student majors in the School of Communications and Theater, and qualified students from other related disciplines within the University. the Los Angeles Intern Program was established to provide students with direct learning insights and professional work experiences in the media and entertainment industries. It has been designed as a bridge from the student’s academic interests to professional realities. It provides an intensive reality check in terms of what the experience of living and working professionally in Los Angeles might be like. It offers exposure to career resources, entry-level strategies andopportunities for networking. The emphasis is on immersion in professional work environments and the dynamic cultural resources of Los Angeles.

Applications also will be considered from students attending other institutions if the applicants meet the academic requirements listed below, and can demonstrate that their training and experience qualify them for rigorous internship demands.

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London Program

London is a rich cultural and intellectual hub for the student of mass media and theater. Approximately 20-40 students per semester attend Temple’s London Program and complete internships during the fall at professionally relevant British or American television, film, and video production houses; public relations and advertising agencies; magazines; and theater front offices.

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Dublin Program

During this month-long summer program, students encounter the old Dublin and the new Dublin. They study how a distinctive national identity emerged from Ireland’s literature and from long-fought political revolution. They also experience a modern metropolis with an increasingly multicultural population, a sophisticated European city that is an incubator for artistic and multimedia innovation.

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London Program Alumni

Heather Ennis Temple London Fall 2007

I wanted to see England ever since I was a child. All these years later, I not only fullfilled that dream, but also expanded my knowledge as a film student. After each day of creating more treasured memories, I came home to South Kensington with my awesome roommates. The internship was also a rare treat. My co-workers made me part of the team while they taught me about their side of the film business. I will be forever thankful for my family and Temple University for making this opportunity possible for me. This was a precious gift.

Alisa Scharf Temple London Fall 2008, Intern at Big Tree Production

Every day is different at Big Tree, which is something that I love about my internship. There is always reading to be done in spare time – submitted scripts or novels that my bosses are considering developing. I write notes on whatever I read and then give a brief synopsis to them orally. I’m also invited to tag along on any meetings that happen to fall on my internship days, which has been an excellent learning experience. I’ve watched my bosses pitch ideas to their bosses, and watched aspiring writers pitch scripts to my bosses. Likewise, I’ve also done a lot of running (e.g. run to the grocery and pick up pints of milk) and my fair share of coffee and tea making. No job goes unnoticed if you’re doing it right and you have to consider everything you’re assigned to do as positive experience. More often I am doing something creative and giving my input as an equal.

My favorite project has been developing an original series! Out of the list of story ideas that Lifetime is looking for, I couldn’t find one particular story in any novels or articles, so they asked me to make one up. My boss gave me a guideline of what exactly they were looking for and I am now currently developing a series bible for the idea. I’ve submitted some synopses and sample episodes and they’ve liked everything so far. I don’t know what will happen with my idea, but I am adding to my writing portfolio and getting legitimate feedback from experienced producers.

My confidence in my own writing abilities is growing and my excitement to get into the industry as soon as I can has grown tremendously. The international exposure has offered me a great learning experience about how things work over here and it’s always great to understand things from different angles. Working at Big Tree has basically just broadened my horizons, in that I now know it’s very possible to live and work abroad. I’ve made some great contacts and I’ve learned a lot in just two short months. It has been a great experience so far and I’ll be sad to leave them in December.