Faculty Work

Current Faculty News


Warren Bass:

  • Completed Tsunami Stories, a feature length documentary on the disaster that claimed 295,000 lives (premiering at the Athens International Film Festival).
  • Completed Dance of the Masks, a documentary portrait of David C. Driskell, the country’s most prominent living African American (premiering at the African American Museum in Philadelphia).
  • Completed Burning Bright, an experimental animation.
  • In collaboration with stage director Doug Wager and journalist Yvonne Latty, Bass filmed, directed and edited the video components of the multimedia stage production In Conflict as well as the two-and-a-half-hour dramatic DVD of the production. In Conflict opened at Temple University Theaters in Fall 2007 with subsequent performances in 2008 at Long Wharf Theater New Haven, Carnegie Mellon, the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland (where it received the Fringe First Award), and a three-month off-Broadway run at the Barrow Street Theater in NYC.
  • Bass’s civil rights documentary At the Wall received recognition in eleven international film festivals in 2007-2008 including four international awards.

Chris Cagle:

  • Published “Pseudodocumentary and the Emergence of the Documentary Field” in Cinema Journal Winter 07-08.
  • His “Two Modes of Prestige Film” in Screen issue 38.3 (fall 2007) received the Screen Best Essay Award for the past two years
  • His review of Uncovering the Holocaust: The International Reception of Night and Fog, (Ewout van der Knaap, ed.) appeared in Scope, no. 10 (February 2008).

Roderick Coover:

  • Published an article on anthropological filmmaker Robert Gardner in American Anthropologist and two essays as chapters in books Decode Myths and The Films of Robert Gardner.
  • Completed Vérité to Virtual, a DVD of the videotaped proceedings of the 2006 Media Conference at Temple hosted by FMA and Anthropology and shot by MFA students.
  • His Voyage into the Unknown was exhibited on the web.
  • Outside/Inside, an Independence Park installation, was a commissioned work.
  • The Theory of Time Here, a DVD, was deposited with Video Data Bank.
  • Coover has had eight exhibitions at conferences or festivals over the past year, including an Honorable Mention from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Media Spectacle for a collaborative earlier work.

Peter d’Agostino:

  • Contributed Comings and Goings to California Video: Artists and Histories, for Getty Research Institute and The J. Paul Getty Museum, Oxford University Press, 2008
  • Also contributed to a work by Yeditepe University Press, Turkey.
  • Peter d’Agostino’s video/photo/text installation, comings and going: PARIS (Metro) is featured in the California Video exhibition at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, March 15-June 8, 2008. “Over the past four decades, video has played an increasingly central role in artistic production throughout the world. California Video highlights the unique sensibilities of West Coast video, while providing the first major survey of video art produced in California.” California Video: Artists and Histories is published by Oxford University Press.
  • Was on study leave in Fall 2008 through an Onassis Foundation Fellowship, Greece.

The exhibition includes restorations of d’Agostino’s comings and goings projects:

PARIS ( Metro ) 1977 / 2008
San Francisco ( BART ) 1978 / 2008
Washington ( METRO ) 1979 / 2008

  • The comings and goings installations have been exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art; the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati; and the Washington Project for the Arts.
  • The 1977-79 videos are included in several international collections and distributed by the Electronic Arts Intermix video archive [eai.org ] “In this three-part work, d’Agostino focuses on the complex infrastructure of urban mass transit systems, drawing linguistic parallels to the visual image to investigate signs and their relation to structures of communication. Surveillance and control systems are juxtaposed with the human element — pockets of life moving through the massive, intricate organism of these systems.”

Information about this and other works at www.peterdagostino.net.

Sarah Drury:

  • A review of her interactive performance device for the disabled, eVokability: The Walking Project, appeared in Performing Arts Journal.
  • Contributed a paper to the Conference Proceedings of the “Mobile/Immobilized: Art, Technology & Dis/ability”
  • Presented work at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Singapore and a paper in Quebec.

LeAnn Erickson:

  • Her film Folk Songs was screened at the Cronograph International Documentary Festival in Moldova (the only US film included in the festival), as well as the Athens, Ohio; Sofia, Bulgaria; Dallas, Texas; and Provincetown International Film Festivals. Folk Songs is currently touring as part of a documentarly compliation titled descent: three stories of family.
  • Everybody Prominade was screened in four festivals, and received one audience award.
  • Erickson is in currently in post-production on HD documentary Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of World War II.

Michael Kuetemeyer:

  • Completed Prison Life Stories, a 30 minute documentary, and two shorter works: Old Faithful in digital video (3 minutes) and Space Time Phase in HDV (3 minutes).
  • Was D.P. and editor on Model Minority Man with Asians Misbehavin’.
  • His video was screened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, and the Athens International Film Festival.
  • Serves as Board Co-chair of the Termite TV Collective, which digitally re-mastered 45 episodes originally produced from 1992-2007 and uploaded for distribution via website or iTunes.
  • Is the co-producer of the video tour project for the City of Philadelphia Next Generation Branding Committee and Co-director of Scribe Video Center’s “eSights, eSounds” community new media initiative.

David Parry:

  • Is working on a documentary about his great grandfather, Puerto Rican impressionist painter Franciso Olier (1833-1917), filming in Puerto Rico and Paris.

Eran Preis:

  • Received a Temple seed grant for $50,000 for a documentary project.
  • Beyond the Walls, an Israeli dramatic feature that he co-authored in 1984, was screened at the Other Israeli Film Festival in NYC.
  • His recent documentary on a Philadelphia homeless woman, Patricia Baltimore, was screened at the 2008 Athens International Film Festival, and at numerous community organizations including Horizon House, Hahnamann Hospital, tUPenn Collaborative/UPenn School of Medicine, Drexel University Philosophy Department, and the Ner Tamid Synagogue.

Jeff Rush:

  • Published “Five Scene Structure: A Writer’s Analysis of Wes Anderson’s Rushmore” in Script & Pitch Insights, which is sponsored by the Media Committee of the European Union.
  • Presented lectures on Scene and Structure in Alba, Italy.
  • Presented “Avatars Sharing Agency: Metaphor in Interactive Narrative Environments” at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference in Vancouver, Washington.

Elisabeth Subrin:

  • Completed Sweet Ruin, a two channel video installation exhibited at Participant Inc. (NYC) in February 2008.

Gaby Hoffman in Sweet Ruin (2 channel HD video projection, sound)

  • Solo screenings of prior works over the past year include Film Forum (L.A.), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Union Docs (Brooklyn), visiting filmmaker at Yale University, McDowell tour group screenings, National Gallery of Art (D.C.), George Eastman House, and Cornell Cinema.
  • Published “Trashing Shulie: Remnants from Some Abandoned Feminist History” in F is For Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth’s Undoing, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Received a commission for an installation at the Royal Academy of Art in Denmark for Fall 2008.
  • Her feature-length screenplay Up is in development with Forensic Films with support from the Sundance Institute, Rockefeller, Guggenheim and Annenberg Foundations. Actors Rachel Griffiths and Kal Penn are attached to play lead roles.

Paul Swann:

  • His book, The British Documentary Film Movement, 1926-1946, was published in paperback by Cambridge University Press in 2008.
  • Presented “The Culture Industries in Philadelphia” at the Media Development & Policy Symposium at the University of Shanghai; “Bazin Rolls in His Grave: The Death of the Big Box?” at the University Film & Video Association Conference; and “The Future of Exhibition in the Digital Age” at the Society for Cinema & Media Studies Annual Conference
  • Was a speaker at the Villanova University Cultural Film Series.
  • Will spend spring 2009 teaching in Hungary on study leave on a Fulbright.