Frequently Asked Questions

The S.F. Bay Area Program offers classes and study opportunities with professional mentors in the field and provides internships in Berkeley,
San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

How do I find housing in the S.F. Bay Area ? 
All of our students live at the Berkeley Student Cooperative – Rochdale Village Apartments.

Do I need a car?
The short answer is that “No, you do not.” It is an easy walk or bicycle ride to the University of California campus, Berkeley Conference Center, International House, UC Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, cafes, restaurants, shopping etc. Students are encouraged to use abundant public transportation. The Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) provides access to San Francisco and the South Bay. Students may want a car for transportation to Silicon Valley internships and for excursions in the area.

Can I find part-time work to help with the costs of the program?
It is not recommended that you take part-time jobs during the program.
Your focus needs to be on the 24-40 hours for your required course assignments and internships.

The S.F. Bay Area Internship Program guides and directly assists with the internship process in your specific areas of interest, minimum 2 days per week.

Are there any paid internships?
Most internships are unpaid. Some however may offer a stipend or hourly rate.

Potential Internship Placements

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  • Nora M. Alter
  • Director
  • FMA Study Away
  • Alison Crouse
  • Associate Program Director
  • FMA Study Away
  • Room 14F Annenberg Hall
  • (Lower Level)
  • 215-204-5910