Undergraduate Program

The Department of Film and Media Arts offers a Bachelor of Arts program in media production and theory. The program focuses on the development of creative and technical skills in film, video, audio, and new media and the theoretical understanding of media and culture. The program recognizes and explores the creative tension between individual expression and the social, political and economic forces that shape culture at large.

Students are trained in developing content as well as craft, and theory as well as practice. In learning from the independent and commercial approaches to production and theory, graduates are prepared to produce their own independent projects and/or to assume a creative role in the motion picture and television industries.

The department brings in guest media makers and visiting professors from diverse backgrounds for special lectures and workshops. Students may also select elective courses from other departments in such areas as theater, dance or music. A highly recognized graduate program offers undergraduate students numerous opportunities to work on advanced productions and participate in advanced research in the field. For more information, please contact Prof. Allan Barber via


Students in Theater and Film and Media Arts are advised by professional academic advisors and faculty advisors.  Students make advising appointments in the Center for the Arts Academic Advising Office located on the second floor of the Tyler building, Suite 212.

The FMA advisers:
Stephanie Shestakow
Sherice Chevannes

Academic advisors attempt to avoid errors when advising students about their program requirements, but schools and colleges cannot assume liability for errors in advising. Therefore, students must assume primary responsibility for knowing the requirements for their degree and for acquiring current information about their academic status.

Most students will be eligible to register for classes online via Self Service Banner through the TU Portal. However, all students should meet with an advisor prior to the eligible registration period.

Students preparing to graduate must file the necessary paperwork one semester prior to the graduation date. At that time, an appointment should be made with an academic advisor to complete a graduation review and application for graduation.

Faculty Mentoring

The FMA strongly believe in the importance of close mentoring. This is particularly important in a department that focuses on individual and collaborative expression. Upon entering the department, each student will be assigned a faculty mentor who will guide the student through his or her four years at Temple. The entire department faculty will participate in the review of each student’s work in the core FMA production and studies courses.