Undergraduate Admissions

To become an undergraduate student in the Department of Film and Media Arts, apply to Temple University through the Admissions Department, and then register for FMA 1141: Media Arts I. Incoming students will take a core sequence of courses (FMA 1141, 1142, 1171 and 1172), and eligibility for upper-division FMA courses is based on student performance in the core sequence. Transfer students may take FMA 1143 in lieu of FMA 1141 and 1142; for details, please consult the Film and Media Arts office.

Temple’s Admissions Department web site has detailed information on requirements for freshman, transfer and international student applicants, including instructions on how to apply and how to get support during the application process. Applications to Temple University can be submitted online. Application to the Undergraduate Program in Film and Media Arts at Temple University does not require a portfolio.

Tuition, Financial Aid, and Work-Study

Temple University is one of the most affordable film schools in the United States. Various forms of financial aid are available, including time payments, student loans, work-study and scholarships. See Temple University Student Financial Services for more information.