SMC Graduation Ceremony


Frequently asked questions and informational links about graduation.

Q. How do I know if I am NOT academically cleared to graduate?

A. Upon review of your academic history, if it is determined that you have NOT met all necessary degree requirements, you will be contacted directly by an academic advisor.  You will receive a formal letter in the mail instructing you to change your prospective graduation date and to register for classes.

If you are cleared to graduate* and do not have holds against your account, you will receive your diploma approximately eight weeks after the current term’s diploma date.

*Please be aware that attending a graduation ceremony is NOT an indication that a student is academically cleared to graduate.  Your final transcript with your degree posted is your official verification of graduation.

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Q. Are tickets required for my guests to attend the SMC Graduation Ceremony? 

A. Yes, guests are required to present tickets for the SMC Graduation Ceremony**.  Eligible graduates must register for tickets to attend the ceremony.  Each student is entitled to a MAXIMUM of four (4) tickets.

  • The SMC Winter Graduation Ceremony** RSVP is not available at this time.  The deadline to register is TBA.
  • The deadline to pick up graduation tickets in the SMC Student Affairs Office (Annenberg Hall – Room 9) is TBA.

**SMC Winter Graduation Ceremony tickets will NOT be redistributed.  No extra tickets will be given.  Tickets will NOT be mailed.

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Q. If I have guests who require special accommodation, will there be seating available?

A. For the SMC Graduation Ceremony, there will be a section available for guests who require special accommodation.  A specific location will be designated, and staff will be on-hand to direct those in need.

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Q. If I need special accommodation for the ceremony, how do I request assistance?

A. If you (the student) require special accommodation for the ceremony, please e-mail with your full name, TUID#, and the nature of your need so that our office may plan accordingly to assist you.  Deadline to submit your request is TBA.

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Q. Will I receive announcements?

A.  If a student is interested in obtaining announcements, they may order them through Herff Jones.

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Q. How do I know if I am eligible to attend the SMC Graduation Ceremony?

A. August 2014 and Prospective December 2014 graduates, you are eligible to attend the graduation ceremony if you have:

  • completed your mandatory online graduation application by October 15, 2014 on the TU Portal through Self-Service Banner under Students Records and Apply to Graduate.
  • had your graduation review with an academic advisor.
  • submitted your RSVP to attend the graduation ceremony between TBA-TBA.
  • been conferred your degree in August 2014*.

*August 2014 graduates may only attend one school graduation.  If you walked in the May 2014 ceremony, you are not eligible to attend the Winter Ceremony.

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Q. If I am a FMA or Theater prospective graduate, when will my ceremony be held? 

A. The Division of Theater, Film and Media Arts (TFMA) is a part of the Center for the Arts.  For more information regarding TMFA’s graduation ceremony, please contact Leah Dempsey at or 215-204-8791.

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Q. What is the Student Honors Convocation?  How do I know if I am eligible to attend?

A. The Student Honors Convocation is held in recognition of the top 16% of the August 2014, December 2014, and May 2015 graduating classes.  At Convocation, students’ names are called and students receive their honors cords.

In early March 2015, eligible students will have an option to RSVP for the Student Honors Convocation through the Commencement website.  If you plan to participate, you must RSVP by the deadline.

More information will be available in February/March 2015.

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Q. Am I eligible to receive Latin Honors?

A. To be eligible for Graduation (Latin) Honors, at least 60 credits must be completed at Temple University and the final cumulative GPA must meet the qualifying standards.  The qualifying cumulative GPA standards for SMC students graduating in August 2014, December 2014, and May 2015 will be posted shortly.

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Q. Must I purchase academic regalia?

A. The wearing of academic regalia (cap, tassel, gown, and hood) is required for participation in the SMC Graduation Ceremony as well as University Commencement.  Online ordering for the SMC Winter Graduation Ceremony will be available later in the Fall 2014 semester.

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Q. How do I purchase academic regalia?

A. Graduates are required to appear at the SMC Winter Graduation Ceremony wearing an approved cap, tassel, gown, and hood.  Online ordering for the SMC Winter Graduation Ceremony will be available later in the Fall 2014 semester.  The total price for your full regalia is as follows:

  • Bachelor of Arts: $65.98 + tax
  • Master’s degree: $70.98 + tax
  • Doctorate: $85.98 + tax

Please note: The cap, tassel, gown and hood are yours to keep. You do not need to return these items after the ceremony.

To purchase academic regalia, you may visit the Temple University Bookstore, located at 13th Street and Montgomery Avenue in the Howard Gittis Student Center. The Bookstore accepts payment in cash, check (payable to Temple University Bookstore), Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  If you require additional information, please contact Ms. Vicki Lentine (Bookstore) at 215-204-8970 or Oak Hall (vendor) at 1-800-456-7623.

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Q. How will I receive my diploma?

A. Diplomas will be mailed to your PERMANENT address listed in Self-Service Banner approximately six-to-eight weeks after the graduation ceremony.  If you do not receive your diploma after such time, please e-mail

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Q. When should holds from my Temple account be removed prior to the Graduation Ceremony?

A. Any holds against your account (financial, library, athletic, student health services, and exit interviews) must be removed at least two weeks prior to graduation. Temple University will not release diplomas if a hold appears on the student’s account.

To determine whether your account has any outstanding holds, visit Self-Service Banner, select StudentStudent Records, and View Holds.

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Q. Are directions available?

A. The location of the SMC Winter Graduation Ceremony has not been announced at this time.  Please return during the Fall 2014 semester for more information.  For a map of Temple University’s Main Campus and general travel directions, please visit:

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Q.  What do I do with my regalia after the ceremony is over?
A. You may keep it as a souvenir or pass it along to your friends who are future SMC graduates.

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Q. How can I purchase photographs of the ceremony?

A. US Candids will photograph all the graduates as they walk across the stage.  Photos should be posted online within one-to-three days after the ceremony.  To view and purchase photos, visit  If you are unable to view the photos, please call 484-891-0482.

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Q. How do I schedule my senior portrait for the 2015 Templar Yearbook?

A. Senior Portraits for the 2015 Templar Yearbook will begin on Monday, August 11, 2014.  It is important that you schedule your appointment by logging onto, entering school code 87120 or by calling 1-800-OUR-YEAR (687-9327), during normal business hours.

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Q. How do I receive my yearbook?

A.  Yearbooks will be available in the SMC Student Affairs Office in Annenberg Hall, Room 9, at the end of April 2015.  They will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last.

If you have questions/concerns regarding the yearbook, you may contact Templar staff at 215-204-7299.  The Templar Office is in the Howard Gittis Student Center - Room 243, located at 13th Street and Montgomery Avenue.  You may visit their website here:

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