Master of Journalism Internships

About Internships

The MJ internship is a professional experience that generally demands skills at the entry level or above. Academic credit may be awarded only for carefully monitored and supervised experience in fields related to journalism and mass communication. Supervision should include consultation with the organization or business offering the internship, specifications of the duties to be undertaken, and regular reports from a designated supervisor. Under no circumstances will academic credit be given for the student current employment experience. For example, an MJ student already employed as a writer for a newspaper or agency cannot turn that job into an MJ internship. All internships for credit are approved by the Internship Director.


Students may earn one to four graduate internship credits, but may enroll in only one internship for credit. They should register for graduate credit under JOU 5986: Graduate Internship. Internships may be paid or unpaid. To qualify for JOU 5986, the student must:

  1. Be matriculated in the MJ program
  2. Have completed 16 hours of study
  3. Currently have a GPA of 3.0 or better
  4. Be approved by the Internship Director

JOU 5986 Internships are approved at the discretion of Prof. Maida Odom, the Internship Director. Students making applications for JOU 5986 must offer a written proposal that generally includes a term paper/project. In addition to submitting a paper/project, the MJ intern is expected to devote a requisite number of hours at the internship host site. The following is a general guideline for allocating hours of credit according to the amount of effort expected from the student.

Credits: 4 hours

Hours at site: 320 hours
This is the maximum. Student duties are on a high professional level. There is close supervision. The internship will include a significant project/term paper.

Credits: 3 hours

Hours at site: 240 hours
Definable communications position such as a reporter, correspondent or editor. There will be close supervision. Portfolio pieces may be accepted instead of a project.

Credits: 2 hours

Hours at site: 180 hours
Close supervision and portfolio pieces may be accepted instead of a project / term paper.

Credits: 1 hours

Hours at site: 60 hours
Here the student is partially an observer.


Internship grades will be submitted by Prof. Odom based on the following:

  1. The site supervisors written evaluation of the intern.
  2. The quality of the internship paper/project.
  3. Satisfactory fulfillment of all internship requirements by specified deadlines.

The Internship Database

The Internship Database lists employers who have hired our interns. Access the Internship Database here, using the (case sensitive) username: JournalismRead and the Password: jrnintern2007. New internship jobs are posted on the Journalism Student Listserv and on the third floor of Annenberg Hall.

If you have additional questions about Internships, please consult the Internship FAQ or contact Prof. Maida Odom.