Syllabi for Journalism Courses

The following is a list of syllabi for courses available through the Department of Journalism.

Course Number and Section
Course Name
3709The Entrepreneurial Journalist2014 SpringMeredith Broussard.DOCX
3404, 3405Photo Seminar I & II2014 SpringEd Trayes.PDF
3101-001Journalism and the Law2014 SpringChris Harper.PDF
3101-002Journalism and the Law2014 SpringChris Harper.PDF
3256-001Writing Humor2014 SpringDiane Bones.DOCX
3704Ethical Issues in Journalism2014 SpringBrian Creech.DOCX
2396-002Writing for Magazines2014 SpringMichael Callahan.DOC
1196-003Writing For Journalism2014 SpringLawrence Atkins.DOCX
4836-003Journalism Research2014 SpringJames McGinnis.DOCX
2202-001Editing the News2014 SpringJoshua Cornfield.PDF
3303Magazine Design2014 SpringAnne Bigler.PDF
1113Audio-Visual Newsgathering2014 SpringStephanie Veto.PDF
3707-001Visual Communication2014 SpringCarolyn Kitch.PDF
19422-004Journalism Research2014 SpringLarry Hanover.DOCX
2101-001Journalism Research2014 SpringFrank Kummer.DOCX
3705Gender and the American Mass Media2014 SpringFabienne Darling-Wolf.DOCX
3601Multimedia Storytelling2014 SpringBrian Creech.DOCX
5730Seminar in Communication: Journalism and Globalization2014 SpringFabienne Darling-Wolf.DOCX
1101-003Elements of Writing2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
2301-003Introduction to Magazines2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
3901-001Comics Journalism2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
3302Advanced Magazine Writing2014 SpringEmily Guendelsberger.DOC
3403-001Documentary Photography2014 SpringAndrew Mendelson.PDF
3297-401Writing Arts Criticism2014 SpringHoward Shapiro.DOC
1101-003Elements of Writing2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
2301-003Introduction to Magazines2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
3901-001Comics Journalism2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
2101-003Journalism Research2014 SpringMichael Panzer.DOC
3101-003Journalism and the Law2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
2501-001Broadcast News Writing2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3502-001Television News Reporting2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3552-001Crossroads2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
4196Philadelphia Neighborhoods2014 SpringJohn Corrigan.DOC
2201Public Affairs Reporting2014 SpringMaida Odom.DOCX
11040 High School Journalism Workshop 2014 SpringMaida Odom.DOCX
4196-401Philadelphia Neighborhoods2014 SpringGeorge Miller.DOC
1111-001Journalism & Society2014 SpringGeorge Miller.DOC
2396-001Magazine Writing2014 SpringRichard Rys.DOC
1196-009Writing For Journalism2014 SpringLinn Washington.DOC
3201-001Investigative Reporting2014 SpringLinn Washington.DOC
4196Philadelphia Neighborhoods2014 SpringMorgan Pendleton.DOC
3501-001Radio News Reporting2014 Spring Karen M. Turner.PDF
3702-701Race and Racism in the News2014 Spring Karen M. Turner.PDF
0014Design for Journalists2014 SpringMatt Godfrey.PDF

Archived Syllabi 2013

Course Number and Section
Course Name
5121 Magazine Writing 2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
1101-003Elements of Writing2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
1101Elements of Writing2013 FallCarrie Isard.DOC
1101-002Elements of Writing2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
1101-004Elements of Writing2013 FallThom Guarnieri.DOCX
1101-101 Elements of Writing 2013 Fall Melissa Meade .PDF
1113Audio Visual Newsgathering 2013 FallStephanie Veto.PDF
1114 Design For Journalists 2013 Fall Matt Godfrey .PDF
1114-003Design for Journalists2013 FallTara Askin.PDF
1196Writing for Journalism2013 FallLarry Atkins.DOC
1196 Writing for Journalism 2013 Fall Karen Naylor .DOCX
1196-006Writing for Journalism2013 FallTerry Bitman.PDF
1196-101Writing for Journalism2013 FallMichael Klein.DOC
1196-401Writing for Journalism2013 FallMichael Klein.DOC
2101Journalism Research2013 FallJames McGinnis.DOC
2101Journalism Research2013 FallFrank Kummer.DOCX
2101-001 Journalism Research 2013 Fall Michael Panzer .DOC
2101-001Journalism Research2013 Fall Larry Hanover.DOCX
2201 Journalism Research2013 Fall Meredith Broussard .PDF
2201 Public Affairs Reporting2013 Fall Maida Odom .DOCX
2202-001Editing the News2013 FallPete Boal.DOC
2301Introduction to Magazines2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
2501-001Broadcast News Writing2013 FallFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3101Journalism and the Law2013 SummerChris HarperDOCX
3101-001Journalism and the Law2013 FallChristopher Harper.DOCX
3101-002 Journalism and the Law 2013 Fall Christopher Harper .DOCX
3254International Journalism2012 FallChris Harper.DOCX
3255Sports Writing2013 Fall John DiCarlo .PDF
3296-401Travel Writing2013 FallHoward Shapiro.DOC
3301Magazine Editing2013 FallLori Tharps.DOC
3302-001Advanced Magazine Writing2013 FallRichard Rys.DOC
3303Magazine Design2013 FallAnne Bigler.PDF
3401 Photography 2013 FallEd Trayes.DOC
3402-001Photojournalism2013 FallEd Trayes.DOC
3502-001Television News Reporting2013 FallFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3601Multimedia Storytelling2013 FallBrian Creech.DOCX
3703History of Journalism2013 FallCarrie Isard.DOC
3706 International News Communication 2013 Fall Fabienne Darling-Wolf .PDF
3710-001Journalism, Sports & Society2013 FallPatrick Gordon.DOC
3810 Writing About Film 2013 Fall Irv Slifkin.DOCX
3850Special Topics in Journalism: Photographic Lighting2013 FallFrank Sauerwald.DOC
3850Special Topics - Photographic Lighting2013 FallFrank Sauerwald.DOC
3887High School Journalism Workshop2013 FallMaida Odom.DOCX
3900-001Honors Special Topics: Photo & Society2013 FallAndrew Mendelson.PDF
4196Philadelphia Neighborhoods2013 SpringChris Harper.DOC
5001Critical Perspectives on Journalism2013 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
5002Reporting and Writing 12013 FallBrian Creech.DOC
5005 Communications Law 2013 Fall Christopher Harper .DOCX
5005-101Communication Law2013 FallChristopher Harper.DOCX
5221Journalism and Mass Communication History2012 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
5730Seminars in Communication: Media and Social Memory2013 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
1111-001Journalism & Society2013 FallGeorge Miller.DOC
4196-001Philadelphia Neighborhoods2013 FallGeorge Miller.DOC
4196-002Philadelphia Neighborhoods2013 FallGeorge Miller.DOC
5013-001Editing II2013 FallAmy Junod Placentra.PDF