Syllabi for Journalism Courses

The following is a list of syllabi for courses available through the Department of Journalism.

Course Number and Section
Course Name
3709The Entrepreneurial Journalist2014 SpringMeredith Broussard.DOCX
3404, 3405Photo Seminar I & II2014 SpringEd Trayes.PDF
3101-001Journalism and the Law2014 SpringChris Harper.PDF
3101-002Journalism and the Law2014 SpringChris Harper.PDF
3256-001Writing Humor2014 SpringDiane Bones.DOCX
3704Ethical Issues in Journalism2014 SpringBrian Creech.DOCX
2396-002Writing for Magazines2014 SpringMichael Callahan.DOC
1196-003Writing For Journalism2014 SpringLawrence Atkins.DOCX
4836-003Journalism Research2014 SpringJames McGinnis.DOCX
2202-001Editing the News2014 SpringJoshua Cornfield.PDF
3303Magazine Design2014 SpringAnne Bigler.PDF
1113Audio-Visual Newsgathering2014 SpringStephanie Veto.PDF
3707-001Visual Communication2014 SpringCarolyn Kitch.PDF
19422-004Journalism Research2014 SpringLarry Hanover.DOCX
2101-001Journalism Research2014 SpringFrank Kummer.DOCX
3705Gender and the American Mass Media2014 SpringFabienne Darling-Wolf.DOCX
3601Multimedia Storytelling2014 SpringBrian Creech.DOCX
5730Seminar in Communication: Journalism and Globalization2014 SpringFabienne Darling-Wolf.DOCX
1101-003Elements of Writing2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
2301-003Introduction to Magazines2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
3901-001Comics Journalism2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
3302Advanced Magazine Writing2014 SpringEmily Guendelsberger.DOC
3403-001Documentary Photography2014 SpringAndrew Mendelson.PDF
3297-401Writing Arts Criticism2014 SpringHoward Shapiro.DOC
1101-003Elements of Writing2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
2301-003Introduction to Magazines2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
3901-001Comics Journalism2014 SpringLaurence Stains.DOC
2101-003Journalism Research2014 SpringMichael Panzer.DOC
3101-003Journalism and the Law2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
2501-001Broadcast News Writing2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3502-001Television News Reporting2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3552-001Crossroads2014 SpringFrancesca Viola.DOCX
4196Philadelphia Neighborhoods2014 SpringJohn Corrigan.DOC
2201Public Affairs Reporting2014 SpringMaida Odom.DOCX
11040 High School Journalism Workshop 2014 SpringMaida Odom.DOCX
4196-401Philadelphia Neighborhoods2014 SpringGeorge Miller.DOC
1111-001Journalism & Society2014 SpringGeorge Miller.DOC
2396-001Magazine Writing2014 SpringRichard Rys.DOC
1196-009Writing For Journalism2014 SpringLinn Washington.DOC
3201-001Investigative Reporting2014 SpringLinn Washington.DOC
4196Philadelphia Neighborhoods2014 SpringMorgan Pendleton.DOC
3501-001Radio News Reporting2014 Spring Karen M. Turner.PDF
3702-701Race and Racism in the News2014 Spring Karen M. Turner.PDF
0014Design for Journalists2014 SpringMatt Godfrey.PDF
2501-001Broadcast News Writing2014 Summer IFrancesca Viola.DOCX
2301Introduction to Magazines2014 Summer ILaurence Stains.DOC
3501-011Reporting Radio News2014 Summer IVincent Hill.DOC
3502-011TV News Reporting2014 Summer IIRichard Sheeran.DOCX
1113-011Audio/Visual Newsgathering2014 Summer IIRobert Larkin.PDF
3703History of Journalism2014 Summer IIChris Harper.DOCX
3101Journalism and the Law2014 Summer IIChris Harper.DOCX
1101-011Elements of Writing2014 Summer IIMelissa DiPento.DOC
3850-001Special Topics in Journalism2014 FallFrank Sauerwald.PDF
3703-001History of Journalism2014 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
3256-001Writing Humor2014 FallDiane Bones.DOCX
3296-401Travel Writing2014 FallHoward Shapiro.DOC
2396-002Magazine Article Writing2014 FallMichael Callahan.DOC
3303Magazine Design2014 FallAnne Bigler.PDF
1101-005Elements of Writing2014 FallThomas Guarnieri.DOCX
1196-001Writing For Journalism2014 FallLarry Atkins.DOCX
3601Multimedia Storytelling2014 FallBrian Creech.DOCX
1113-001 through 005Audio/Visual Newsgathering2014 FallRobert Larkin.PDF
2101Journalism Research2014 FallJoseph Slobodzian.DOC
5001Critical Perspectives on Journalism2014 FallBrian Creech.DOCX
3601-005Multimedia Storytelling2014 FallShannon McDonald .PDF
3801Business Practices for Writers and Editors2014 FallJen Miller.DOCX
1101-006Elements of Writing2014 FallMelissa DiPento.PDF
1101-007Elements of Writing2014 FallMelissa DiPento.PDF

Archived Syllabi 2013

Course Number and Section
Course Name
5121 Magazine Writing 2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
1101-003Elements of Writing2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
1101Elements of Writing2013 FallCarrie Isard.DOC
1101-002Elements of Writing2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
1101-004Elements of Writing2013 FallThom Guarnieri.DOCX
1101-101 Elements of Writing 2013 Fall Melissa Meade .PDF
1113Audio Visual Newsgathering 2013 FallStephanie Veto.PDF
1114 Design For Journalists 2013 Fall Matt Godfrey .PDF
1114-003Design for Journalists2013 FallTara Askin.PDF
1196Writing for Journalism2013 FallLarry Atkins.DOC
1196 Writing for Journalism 2013 Fall Karen Naylor .DOCX
1196-006Writing for Journalism2013 FallTerry Bitman.PDF
1196-401Writing for Journalism2013 FallMichael Klein.DOC
2101Journalism Research2013 FallJames McGinnis.DOC
2101Journalism Research2013 FallFrank Kummer.DOCX
2101-001 Journalism Research 2013 Fall Michael Panzer .DOC
2101-001Journalism Research2013 Fall Larry Hanover.DOCX
2201 Journalism Research2013 Fall Meredith Broussard .PDF
2201 Public Affairs Reporting2013 Fall Maida Odom .DOCX
2202-001Editing the News2013 FallPete Boal.DOC
2301Introduction to Magazines2013 FallLaurence Stains.DOC
2501-001Broadcast News Writing2013 FallFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3101Journalism and the Law2013 SummerChris HarperDOCX
3101-001Journalism and the Law2013 FallChristopher Harper.DOCX
3101-002 Journalism and the Law 2013 Fall Christopher Harper .DOCX
3254International Journalism2012 FallChris Harper.DOCX
3255Sports Writing2013 Fall John DiCarlo .PDF
3296-401Travel Writing2013 FallHoward Shapiro.DOC
3301Magazine Editing2013 FallLori Tharps.DOC
3302-001Advanced Magazine Writing2013 FallRichard Rys.DOC
3303Magazine Design2013 FallAnne Bigler.PDF
3401 Photography 2013 FallEd Trayes.DOC
3402-001Photojournalism2013 FallEd Trayes.DOC
3502-001Television News Reporting2013 FallFrancesca Viola.DOCX
3601Multimedia Storytelling2013 FallBrian Creech.DOCX
3703History of Journalism2013 FallCarrie Isard.DOC
3706 International News Communication 2013 Fall Fabienne Darling-Wolf .PDF
3710-001Journalism, Sports & Society2013 FallPatrick Gordon.DOC
3810 Writing About Film 2013 Fall Irv Slifkin.DOCX
3850Special Topics in Journalism: Photographic Lighting2013 FallFrank Sauerwald.DOC
3850Special Topics - Photographic Lighting2013 FallFrank Sauerwald.DOC
3887High School Journalism Workshop2013 FallMaida Odom.DOCX
3900-001Honors Special Topics: Photo & Society2013 FallAndrew Mendelson.PDF
4196Philadelphia Neighborhoods2013 SpringChris Harper.DOC
5001Critical Perspectives on Journalism2013 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
5002Reporting and Writing 12013 FallBrian Creech.DOC
5005 Communications Law 2013 Fall Christopher Harper .DOCX
5005-101Communication Law2013 FallChristopher Harper.DOCX
5221Journalism and Mass Communication History2012 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
5730Seminars in Communication: Media and Social Memory2013 FallCarolyn Kitch.DOC
1111-001Journalism & Society2013 FallGeorge Miller.DOC
4196-001Philadelphia Neighborhoods2013 FallGeorge Miller.DOC
4196-002Philadelphia Neighborhoods2013 FallGeorge Miller.DOC
5013-001Editing II2013 FallAmy Junod Placentra.PDF