Undergraduate Program

The curriculum for the Department of Journalism features a strong emphasis in multimedia journalism while taking advantage of our urban setting. The curriculum was designed with the philosophy that success requires rigorous professional training coupled with a broad educational background. Journalism majors must meet the Department’s core and liberal arts requirements. In addition, students create their own areas of specialization by synthesizing skills learned from a variety of classes.

The Department of Journalism has consistently had a very high retention rate of first-year students returning to Temple the following year.

  • Fall 2006 cohort: 92% (for entire university: 85%)
  • Fall 2007 cohort: 88% (for entire university: 87%)
  • Fall 2008 cohort: 87% (for entire university: 88%)
  • Fall 2009 cohort: 89% (for entire university: 89%)
  • Fall 2010 cohort: 92% (for entire university: 87%)
  • Fall 2011 cohort: 91% (for entire university: 87%)
  • Fall 2012 cohort: 92% (for entire university: 89%)

The department’s graduation rate is for the past three years is below:

  • Fall 2007 cohort
    • 4-year rate: 50%
    • 5-year rate: 66%
    • 6-year rate: 70% (for entire university: 66%)
  • Fall 2008 cohort
    • 4-year rate: 51%
    • 5-year rate: 68% (for entire university: 65%)
  • Fall 2009 cohort
    • 4-year rate: 57% (for entire university: 43%)

Curriculum and Requirements (Fall 2013)

All students who declared their major from Fall 2013 or after are required to complete the Journalism Department’s current curriculum. Read More…

Curriculum and Requirements (Fall 2010 through Summer 2013)

All students who declared their major from Fall 2010 to Summer 2013 are required to complete the Journalism Department’s current curriculum. Read More…

Curriculum and Requirements (Before Fall 2010)

All students who declared their major prior to the Fall 2010 semester must complete the following curriculum and fulfill the requirements of a particular sequence. Read more…

Course Descriptions

List of undergraduate courses offered in the Department of Journalism, including prerequisite requirements. Read More…

International Programs

Temple University offers more than a dozen international programs to its undergraduate students, including programs in London, Tokyo and Ireland that are designed specifically for students in the School of Communications and Theater. Read More…


Students may make an appointment with the SCT Advising Center or with a Journalism Department faculty advisor at any time. Read More…