News-Editorial Sequence

The following curriculum is required for students who declared their major before the Fall 2010 semester. Students that declared a major in Journalism during or after Fall 2010 must complete the Department’s new curriculum, found here.

This sequence of courses is designed for students who wish to become reporters, editors and managers of newspapers and other news-gathering organizations. Students are encouraged to emphasize political science, finance, urban studies and language studies in their choice of coursework outside the department.

Sequence requirements: (12 credits)
JOU 2201 Public Affairs Reporting (3)
JOU 2202 Editing the News (3)
JOU 3201 Investigative Reporting (3)

JOU 3251 Business Writing (3)
JOU 3252 Editorial Writing (3)
JOU 3253 Environmental Reporting (3)
JOU 3254 International Reporting (3)
JOU 3255 Sports Writing (3)
JOU 3256 Writing Humor (3)
JOU 3601 Publishing to the Web (3)

Minimum Journalism credit hours: 36
Maximum Journalism credit hours: 44

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