Photojournalism Sequence

The following curriculum is required for students who declared their major before the Fall 2010 semester. Students that declared a major in Journalism during or after Fall 2010 must complete the Department’s new curriculum.

Students who wish to make a career as a news photographer or as a photography editor should follow this course of study. You can see some of the work our photo students do on the Photography@Temple Web site.

Sequence requirements: (13 credits)
JOU 3401 Photography (4)
JOU 3402 Photojournalism (2)
JOU 3403 Documentary Photography (3)
JOU 3404 Photo Seminar I (2)
JOU 3405 Photo Seminar II (2)

Recommended Sequence Electives
JOU 3451 Photographic Portfolio (2)
JOU 3452 Photo Special Projects (1-4)
JOU 3707 Visual Communication (3)

Minimum Journalism credit hours: 36
Maximum Journalism credit hours: 44

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