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MM&C Policies and Procedures Moves to MM&C Web Site [07.30.03]

In an effort to better serve our students by providing timely, complete, and easily accessible information about MM&C policies and procedures, a new MM&C policies and procedures page, as well as a revised Forms and templates page of the MM&C web site have replaced the .pdf document titled The MM&C Doctoral Program: Policies and Procedures and the earlier Ph.D. Manual. The new and revised pages represent a long needed improvement over the previous documents because they are more accessible and convenient to use, they’re updated and updatable, they contain new sections and features, and they’re written in a less intimidating tone. The MM&C policies and procedures page is now the essential reference resource for all MM&C students as they move through the program; it replaces and supercedes all older documents. If you find errors, have questions, or have suggestions for things to add, please let us know at

Spring 2003 Semester Party [04.30.03]

Students, faculty and friends of MM&C gathered on Friday April 25th for the spring social event, the Semester Party, held at Professor Lombard’s home.

 Â  Photos from the event

MM&C Coffee Mugs Still Available [03.20.03]

A limited number of custom-made MM&C coffee mugs are available for purchase. The 11 oz. mugs are gray and feature a large graphic containing the words “M M C,” “Mass Media & Communication,” “Doctor of Philosophy” on one side and the words “Temple University,” “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania” on the other, all in Temple red.

Click here for details.

Fifth Annual SCAT Graduate Student Research Forum Held February 14, 2003 [2.16.03]

Students, faculty, alums, and friends of the MM&C Program attended the 5th Annual SCAT Graduate Student Research Forum on February 14, 2003 at Temple University Center City (TUCC). Congratulations to the top paper winners and to all of the presenters, and special thanks to the members of MM&C’s Forum organizing committee: Priscilla MurphyJan FernbackFabienne Darling-Wolf, and MM&C student Jen Mintzer.

The top paper winners were:

Top Paper:

  • Yan Tian, “The Effects of Internet Use on Social Trust”

Second Paper:

  • Mark Scalese, “Adversaries or Allies? The Relationship between Producers and Their Subjects in Documentary Production”

Third Paper:

  • Maria Simone, “Preparing a Face: An Exploration of Identity Presentation in Online and Offline Contexts”

To learn more about the event, please see the following:
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 Â  Photos from the event

Spring 2003 SCAT Theory and Research Seminar Series (STARSS) Speakers Announced [2.16.03]

The schedule for the semester’s continuing SCAT seminar series has been announced. All of the talks are free to the public and will be held from 3:40 to 4:30 on Mondays in Annenberg Hall Room 301.

Monday, February 3, 2003
Virtually multicultural: Gender, culture and belonging in an international fan community
Dr. Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Dept. of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising

Monday, February 24
The Essay Film from Alain Resnais to Derek Jarman: When Auteurs make Documentaries
Dr. Tim Corrigan, Temple University Dept. of English

Monday, March 24
In Search of a Sensible Free Speech Theory for the Student Press
Dr. Tom Eveslage, Dept. of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising

Monday, April 7
“Predictive history”: What US videotex told us about the World Wide Web
Dr. Sandy Kyrish, SCAT Assistant Dean, Technology and Planning

Monday, April 14
The Uptown Coalition: A Case Study of the Intersection of Media Advocacy, Media Literacy and Social Change
Dave Marshall, Mass Media and Communication Ph.D. Candidate

Monday, April 21
Academic Book Publishing: How and Why (or why not)
Peter Wissoker, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Temple University Press

Monday, April 28
Politics in a web-based environment: the effects of presence and flow on political knowledge, interest, efficacy, and participation
Linda Greenwood, Mass Media and Communication Ph.D. Student

MM&C Program Proposal Replaces Annual Review Form [1.9.03]

MM&C has replaced the Annual Review form with a new mechanism to promote effective student planning and faculty advising. Beginning with the 2002-2003 academic year, all MM&C students are required to create, and then annually update, a Program Proposal document that outlines their previous, current, and planned professional activities. A complete draft of the Proposal document is to be submitted to each student’s advisor by the end of the second week of classes of the spring semester. Full details and a sample Proposal that can be used as a template are available on our MM&C forms and templates page.

Students Can Now Get Credit for STARSS[1.7.03]

Beginning this spring, MM&C students can earn 1 credit of MM&C course work for attending STARSS. All they have to do is attend at least six of the eight seminars in the SCAT Theory and Research Seminar Series, in which research faculty and students in the School of Communications and Theater discuss their work in informal talks, write a short paper about the experience and their reactions to it.

All STARSS talks this spring will be held from 3:40 to 4:30 on Mondays in Annenberg Hall Room 301. The speakers and topics will be announced soon. Everyone is welcome to attend, but to earn credit MM&C students should register for MMC 945, section 2.

For more information please contact Andy Mendelson or Matthew Lombard.

Fall 2002 MM&C Poster Session Held December 16, 2002 [1.3.03]

Students, faculty, and friends attended the second MM&C Poster Session on Monday, December 16, 2002.

Poster Sessions, or more formally, Interactive Display Sessions, are a common format for sharing communication research at professional conferences. In an informal gathering scholars set up visual ‘posters’ that provide a brief and compelling introduction to the important elements of their projects, and visitors then walk around the room reading the different posters and speaking with the authors to find out more about the projects.

Students in several courses, including Researching Communication I (MMC 500), Communication Theory I (MMC 400), Ph.D. Colloquium (MMC 945), and Public Information Campaigns (BTMM 744), shared their work from the fall semester at this event, which was held in Tuttleman Hall 202. Despite the great refreshments served during the 4:30-6:30 session, many of the attendees had enough room to go out for dinner at the Draught Horse and enjoy a relaxing evening of socializing.

 Â  Photos and materials from the event

Fall 2002 SCAT Theory and Research Seminar Series (STARSS) [01.03.03]

A Success!  Last fall we had another great line up of talks on a variety of communication issues, new media, journalism, advertising, and film. The speakers and topics were:

September 30
The effect of new communication and information technologies on academic research paradigms
Irene Berkowitz, Mass Media & Communication Ph.D. candidate

October 7
Image is everything: Another way of understanding celebrities and the paparazzi
Andrew Mendelson, Dept. of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising

October 21
Unpaid advertising: The case of Wilson the Volleyball in Castaway
Michael Maynard, Dept. of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising and Megan Scala, Mass Media & Communication Ph.D. student

November 4
“Virtual” learning: In search of a pan-pedagogical model for enhanced learning through “presence.”
Melissa Selverian, Mass Media & Communication Ph.D. student

November 18
Trajectories of Utopia: Conflicting Visions of the Ideal Society in 20th Century Film, Media, and Culture
Barry Vacker, Dept. of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media

December 2
Attribution, Narrative Agency and Interactive Media
Jeff Rush, Associate Dean, School of Communications and Theater and Dept. of Film and Media Arts


The schedule for the spring 2003 SCAT Theory and Research Symposium Series will be announced soon. Come hear about the research faculty and students in the School of Communications and Theater are working on. All talks are open to the public.

If you’re interested in presenting or have an idea for a STARSS program, please contact Andy Mendelson.

MM&C Fall 2002 Semester Party the Usual ‘Fun for All’ [11.24.02]

Friday November 22nd was the date for the traditional and popular MM&C social event, the Semester Party, held at Professor Lombard’s home. A good time was had by all!

 Â  Photos from the event


MM&C Administrative Committees for 2002-3 Constituted [11.15.02]

The bylaws of the MM&C program require several standing committees to be constituted each year, and in most cases that they include a student member nominated by the faculty. The committees and their members for the 2002-3 academic year are listed below. If you have questions or suggestions relevant to the work of a particular committee, please feel free to contact the chair or another member of the committee.


  • Carolyn Kitch (chair)
  • Pat Bradley
  • Zizi Papacharissi


  • Nancy Morris (chair)
  • Jan Fernback
  • Michael Maynard
  • Priscilla Murphy
  • Melissa Selverian (student member)


  • Michael Maynard (chair)
  • Pat Bradley
  • Zizi Papacharissi
  • Tom Polcari (student member)

Graduate Research Forum:

  • Priscilla Murphy (chair)
  • Jan Fernback
  • Fabienne Darline-Wolf
  • Jennifer Mintzer (student member)

Ad hoc Committee to Revise the MM&C Policies and Procedures Document:

  • Andy Mendelson (chair)
  • Fabienne Darline-Wolf
  • Nancy Morris
  • Dave Allan (student member)
MM&C Adopts New Approach to Courses and Course Scheduling in 2002-2003  [09.01.02]

MM&C now offers a small number of courses that are designed specifically for doctoral students. For details, including the 2002-2003 MM&C course schedule, click here.

Current MM&C Program News is available here.