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Research unveils how brands leverage the Olympics

By Jeff Cronin
SMC Communications

Every two years, athletes from all over the world showcase their talents on the Olympic stage. But over the past decade, this stage has become more of a fashion catwalk.

With designers like Ralph Lauren and Armani behind the uniforms of Team U.S.A. and Team Italy, the high culture of fashion and the mass-culture appeal of sports have collided, says Susannah Cobb McMonagle, a PhD student pursuing her degree in media and communication. The increasing presence of fashion brands at the Olympics “points to emerging trends in promotional culture. The fashion and sport industries are … Read more »

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Temple student overcomes strokes to pursue PhD

In her academic pursuits, Melissa Meade, has studied communication, learned a second language and examined how the brain processes language.

As a result, she had a pretty good idea why she lost the ability to speak after a series of strokes in 2007 at just 30 years old.

In spite of the brain trauma she suffered, Meade is now working toward her doctoral degree in media and communication from the Temple University School of Media and Communication.

The irony of the endeavor isn’t lost on her.

“They experience of losing all ability to communicate brings a very humbling aspect to … Read more »

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Analysis of African-American identity on Facebook earns top prize

Media and Communication PhD candidate Angela M. Cirucci earned the Top Paper Award March 22 at SMC’s annual Graduate Student Research Forum.

Her paper, “Facebook’s Many Faces: An Investigation in how Students Negotiate Their Online Identities,” examines how students at a historically black college combat or avoid racial stereotypes in their social media presence. She said studying students at an institution with mostly African-American students revealed an interesting dynamic between their online and real life identities.

“Offline, the students are allowed to explore their identities as just students, instead of black students. Yet, upon entering the Facebook world, they are … Read more »

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SMC faculty, students to present at ICA conference

Eleven faculty and students from the Temple University School of Media and Communication will present at the International Communication Association conference in London June 17-21.  They are:

SMC faculty:

Deb Cai, “Culture and Intercultural Experience as Predictors of Decision-Making Styles”

Jan Fernback, “Copyright and Digital Piracy”

Matthew Lombard, “Diverse Perspectives on Presence and Telepresence: An Introduction”

Patrick Murphy, “Media and the Politics of the Earth”

Donnalyn Pompper, “Outnumbered Yet Still on Top, but for How Long? Theorizing about men working in the feminized field of public relations in the U.S.” (Winner, best paper in the

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PhD student: Rock radio squelches the female voice

When it comes to rock ‘n’ roll radio, it’s a man’s world.

From the artists, to the lyrics, to the DJs who play it, the genre is dominated by masculine stereotypes, making it harder for women to break into the scene.

“It’s increasingly male-centric, not only seemingly ignoring or diminishing the female perspective, but also super-serving the male audience to the point where it’s almost creating its own stereotype,” says David Crider, a PhD student in Temple University’s School of Media and Communication. “There is one type of dominant way that you should be if you are a man. These … Read more »

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Papers sought for annual SMC Graduate Student Research Forum

The Media and Communication Program announces the 15th annual School of Media and Communication Graduate Student Research Forum. It is a competitive research forum open to ALL graduate students in any SMC program.

WHEN: Friday, March 22, 2013, 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Followed by a free luncheon for participants at TBA.

SMC graduate students are encouraged to submit a paper of their completed or in-progress scholarly work. Examples may include:

  • papers involving original research or critical literature reviews that were written for a class
  • research proposals
  • completed research papers not yet presented at a conference

Submissions will … Read more »

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Presence: When media mimics real life

Academics from around the world converged in Philadelphia in October to further examine how media can mimic real-life interactions.

Temple University was the site of Presence Live 2012, an annual conference hosted by the International Society for Presence Research (ISPR).

“Presence, short for telepresence, happens when people use technology and overlook at least part of its role in the experience, as when a telepresence conferencing system makes us feel as if we’re face-to-face,” explains Temple School of Media and Communication Associate Professor Matthew Lombard, president of ISPR.

Lombard was one of the first to identify presence through his graduate work … Read more »

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MMC alumna named top young professor

Susan Robinson, MMC ’07, won the 2012 Hillier Krieghbaum Under-40 Award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The annual award is given to the most promising young journalism and mass communication professor in the United States. She teaches in the Journalism Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Hillier Krieghbaum, for whom the award is named, taught in SCT’s Department of Journalism for several years during the 1970s, although he spent most of his career at New York University. … Read more »

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Professor Cai trains Afghanistan workers in gender communication

Professor Deborah Cai, STRC, spent five days in Rome this spring in an effort to help a group of government workers from Afghanistan improve their gender communication and leadership skills.

From May 23 to 27, she and a team from Women’s Campaign International trained 25 Afghanistan government employees as part of a seven-week program organized by the Italian Foreign Ministry that covered topics such as public policy and project management. The participants – both men and women – were from government departments such as Justice, Agriculture, Women Affairs and more.

“My primary role was to cover gender and … Read more »

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Professor Hobbs on federal efforts to cut ads targeting kids — WHYY-FM

Food marketers are under mounting pressure to either change their advertising tactics aimed at kids, or the foods they promote to young people. Professor Renee Hobbs, BTMM/MMC of Temple’s Media Education Lab said she expects the Federal Trade Commission and health advocates to pressure companies such as McDonald’s and Kellogg’s to adopt the recommendations. At this point, they are voluntary. “The government wants them to not use Toucan Sam and all the other slick and compelling cartoon images that attract kids’ attention and try to sell them things,” she said.

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