M&C Research

M&C faculty and students conduct research on a wide variety of interesting topics. An example is highlighted below with much more to come. To see what topics program alums completed as their dissertation projects, click here. For additional resources related to MM&C research, click here.

Psychological Processing of Media

Temple is a member of the Media Interface and Network Design (M.I.N.D.) Labs, a networked consortium of ten labs located in seven countries spanning universities in the United States and Europe. The labs conduct research in human-computer interaction, communication, and virtual environment design. Temple’s Lab, directed by Matthew Lombard, focuses on the nature and consequences of mediated experiences. In one current project, Matthew Lombard and several students are using an online database to examine portrayals in film, television and other media of technologies that evoke telepresence–a sense of “being there” in a virtual or media environment, or more generally, an “illusion of nonmediation”–to better understand the types of technologies, experiences and applications that people want and fear and ethical issues raised by such technologies.