MC Dissertations – Alphabetical

Dissertations of Alumni of the Mass Media & Communication and other SMC Doctoral Programs (In Alphabetical Order)

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Note: M&C (formerly MM&C) is currently the only doctoral program in SMC, but this list includes dissertations from the former Rhetoric & Communication (R&C) and Speech-Language-Hearing (SLH) doctoral programs. It includes dissertation projects through the end of 2007.

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Akdenizli, Banu, February 2006 (MMC)
“The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on the Nation-State: Internet Policy and Turkey.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Alaswad, Saleh, January 2000 (MMC)
“Hollywood Shoots the Arabs: The Construction of the Arab in American Culture.” [Chair: Paul Swann]

Allan, David, January 2004 (MMC)
“The Role of Personal Significance: Effects of Popular Music in Advertising on Attention, Memory, Attitudes, and Conation.” [Chair: Andrew Mendelson]

Alnor, Bill, August 2004 (MMC)
“Borrowed or Stolen? A Study of Plagiarism in Religion, with an Emphasis on Contemporary Religious Media.” [Chair: Patricia Bradley]

Appleman, Dan, 1983
No record of title. [Chair: Edward Trayes]

Armson, Joy, May 1991 (SLH)
“A Study of Laryngeal Muscle Activity during Stuttering Episodes: Searching for an Invariant Physiological Correlate.” [Chair: C. Woodruff Starkweather]

Atkyns, Robert L., May 1986 (MMC)
“Adolescent Information Acquisition: Locus of Control, Lifestyle and Substance Abuse: A Social Market Segmentation for Health Communication Effectiveness.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Austin, Bruce, 1982
“MPAA Film Rating Influence on Stated Likelihood of High School Student Film Attendance: A Test of Reactance Theory.” [Chair: ?]

Avila-Saavedra, Guillermo, May 2008 (MMC)
“The Latino Trend: Identity, Influence, and Transformations in U.S. Television” [Chair: Carolyn Kitch]

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Bakelaar, Philip, May 1997 (R&C)
“The Issue Culture of the Gay and Lesbian Religious Controversy in the Ages of Aids: Moral Argumentation in American Mainline Religious Communities as a Symbolic Contest Between Competing Interpretations.” [Chair: Herbert W. Simons]

Berens, Eileen, May 2000 (R&C)
“Testing a Model of Intergenerational Conflict Initiation in Young-Old Adult Interaction.” [Chair: Tricia S. Jones]

Bishop, Ronald, May 1997 (MMC)
“Lose All the Weight You Want: An Examination of the Impact of Commercials for Weightloss Products on Body Image.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Bracken, Cheryl M. Campanella, August 2000 (MMC)
“Children and Social Responses to Computers: Praise, Intrinsic Motivation, and Learning.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Bradbury, David E, May 1990 (MMC)
“A Uses and Gratifications Study of Three Audiences: Cable Decliners, Basic Cable Subscribers, and Pay Cable Subscribers.” [Chair: Norm Felsenthal]

Bresnahan, Rosalind, August 1994(MMC)
“Access to, Use, and Credibility of Mass Media, Alternative Media, and Other
Alternative Information Sources During the Persian Gulf Crisis and War with Iraq:
A Survey of Information-Seeking by College Students of the Post-Vietnam Generation.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Brown, David, August 1994 (R&C)
“Watered Down Wine: Secularization and Rhetorical Authority Management in American
Baptist Preaching.” [Chair: Marsha Witten]

Brown, Hilary, August 1996 (MMC)
“Jamaican Youth, American Media Use and the Cultural Dependency Thesis.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Burrowes, Carl, August 1994 (MMC) “Press Freedom in Liberia, 1830-1970: The Impact of Modernity, Ethnicity and Power Imbalances on Government Relations.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

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Campbell, Cheri, May 2000 (R&C)
“An Analysis of Dialectical Tensions in College Classroom Interaction.” [Chair: Tricia S. Jones]

Celano, Donna C., August 1992 (MMC)
“Teacher Use of Channel One: An Ethnographic Study of One School.” [Chair: Richard Luker]

Chang, Li-Yuan, May 2007 (MMC)
“Measuring Participation as Communicative Action: A Case Study of Citizen Involvement in and Assessment of a City’s Smoking Cessation Policy-Making Process.” [Chair: Thomas Jacobson]

Choi, Hyunju, January 2002 (MMC)
“The Politics of Representations in Four Different Genres: Documentary Photography, Photojournalism, Government Public Relations, and Art Photography: A Comparative Analysis on FSA Photographs of the 1930s.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Choi, Suhi, May 2006 (MMC)
“Korean War Caught in History and Memory: Examining the U.S. Media Coverage of the No Gun Ri Incident (1999-Present) with the Comparison of Korean Survivors’ Testimonies.” [Chair: Carolyn Kitch]

Chow, Peter, May 1984 (MMC)
“Socialization of Scientists in China, 1949 to 1981: Content Analysis of People’s Daily Editorials and Research Papers, and Theoretical Interpretation of Cross-Paradigm Communication.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Compaine, Benjamin M., 1978 (MMC)
“The Daily Newspaper Industry in the United States (1977): An Analysis of Trends in Production Technology, Competition and Ownership, Economic Structure, Circulation, Advertising, Newsprint, and Labor.” [Chair: Edward Trayes]

Cook, Bruce,1979
“Understanding Pictures in Papua New Guinea, 1975: An Experiment Comparing Style and Content in Sociological, Epistemological, and Cognitive Context.” [Chair: Ken Harwood]

Corvalan, Roz, August 1994 (MMC)
“Access to Use and Credibility of Mass Media, Alternative Media, and Other Alternative Information Sources During the Persian Gulf Crisis and War with Iraq: A Survey of Information Seeking by College Students of the Post Viet Nam Generation.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

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D’Angelo, Paul, May 2002 (MMC)
“Framing the Press: A New Model for Observing Press Frames in Presidential Campaign News.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

de Montigny, Michelle C., May 1995 (MMC)
“Gender Differences in the Relationship Between the Self-Esteem and Television Viewing Habits of Young Adolescents.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Denny, Harry, May 1996 (R&C)
“Refiguring and Dismantling civil Rights: The Discursive Strategies Affecting Social Space and Bodies in Colorado’s Amendment Two Campaign.” [Chair: Cynthia Patton]

Diaz, Mercedes, January 2005 (MMC)
“Drawing in ‘Cuban’: Examining the Life and Work of Expatriated Cuban Cartoonists.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Ditton, Theresa Bolmarich, May 1997 (MMC)
“The Unintentional Blending of Direct Experience and Mediated Experience: The Role of Enhanced vs. Limited Television Presentations in Inducing Source-Monitoring Errors.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

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Elliott, Charles W., August 1994 (MMC)
“The People’s News: Content and Values in the Press Releases of the New China News Agency 1950-1989.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Estwick, Evene S., August 2005 (MMC)
“Media Imperialism Revisited: A Historical Analysis of Television in Barbados.” [Chair: Nancy Morris]

Evans, William, August 1991 (MMC)
“Media Presentation of Scientific Research: Press Coverage of Physical, Biological and Social Science.” [Chair: Sari Thomas]

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Feeney, Brian, May 2003 (MMC)
“The Social Construction of Environmental Policy: From Oppositional Ideology to Social Learning Through Conflict Using a Case Study at Aberdeen Proving Ground.” [Chair: Priscilla Murphy]

Finlon-Dajani, Karen, 1980
“Egypt’s Role as a Major Media Producer, Supplier, and Distributor to the Arab World: An Historical-Descriptive Study.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Foti, Margaret A., August 1995 (MMC)
“Information Systems for Biomedical Scientists: Evolution, Current Practices, and Promise for the Future.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Foulger, Davis A., August 1990 (R&C)
“Medium as Process: The Structure, Use, and Practice of Computer Conferencing on IBM’s IBMPC Computer Conferencing Facility.” [Chair: Herbert W. Simons]

Franzini, Amy, August 2003 (MMC)
“Sex on Television Programming Popular Among Teenagers: Correlates and Consequence.” [Chair: Sari Thomas]

Fry, Katherine, May 1994 (MMC)
“Old South, Agrarian Midwest and Frontier West: Discourses of Repression and Consumption in Southern Living, Midwest Living and Sunset Magazines.” [Chair: Paul Swann]

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Gil-Egui, Gisela, February 2006 (MMC)
“Framing the Internet as a Public or Private Good: A Network Text Analysis of Competing Discourses within the United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Gilpin, Dawn, August 2008 (MMC)
“Organically Grown: Emergent Power and Influence in Complex Issue Networks” [Chair: Priscilla Murphy]

Goldstein, Brian, May 1993 (SLH)
“The Evidence of Phonological Processes of 3- and 4-Year-Old Spanish Speakers.” [Chair: Aquiles Iglesias]

Grabe, Maria E., August 1995 (MMC)
“Does Crime Pay: Tabloid vs. Highbrow News.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

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Hains, Rebecca Consentino, August 2007 (MMC)
“Negotiating Girl Power: Girlhood on Screen and in Everyday Life.” [Chair: Carolyn Kitch]

Hakanen, Ernest, August 1989 (MMC)
“Adolescent Identification of Heroes: A Study of Media Exposure and Perceptions of Public Figures.” [Chair: ?]

Haller, Beth, January 1995 (MMC)
“Disability Rights on the Public Agenda: Elite News Media Coverage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Hanley, Barbara, May 1994 (MMC)
“Boundaries and Illusions: Prestige and Transgression in American Prime Time Television.” [Chairs: Thomas Gordon and Stuart Hoover]

Haskin, Lynn, 1981
“Experimental Comparison of Persuasive Print Messages Involving Occupations, Sex Roles, and Motivational Attributes Designed by Advertising Copywriters with and without the Aid of Computerized Cognitive Mapping.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Hemenway, Paul, May 1986 (MMC)
“Philadelphia Radio Before and After Deregulation: A Time-Series Care Study of News and Public Affairs Programming in the Nation’s Fourth Market.” [Chair: Norm Felsenthal]

Holderman, Lisa, August 1996 (MMC)
“The Public Construction of Expertise: How Experts are Portrayed in Popular U.S. Talk Shows.” [Chair: Sari Thomas]

Horvath, Karl John, May 2006 (MMC)
“The Computer as Information Intermediary: Using Social and Spatial Cues to Evoke Presence in Computer Users and Optimize Human Computer Interaction.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Hsiao, Hsiang-Wen, January 1995 (MMC)
“Political Cartoons in Taiwan: Historical Profile and Content Analysis.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Hudson, Timothy, January 1991 (MMC)
“Graphic Depiction of Violent Material in Television News: News Directors’ and Producers’ Perceived Acceptability Levels.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Hwang, Ha Sung, January 2005 (MMC)
“Predictors of IM Use Among U.S. College Students: Gratifications Sought, Gratifications Obtained and Social Presence.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Hyter, Yvette, August 1994 (SLH)
“A Cross-Channel Description of Reference in the Narratives of African American Vernacular English Speakers.” [Chair: Aquiles Iglesias]

Hyun, Daiwon, August 1998 (MMC)
“U.S. Telecommunications Policy in the Global Market: The Role of USTR.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

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Igyor, Gerard, May 1993 (MMC)
“The Transfer of Telecommunications Technology to Nigeria.” [Chair: Herbert Dordick]

Incitti, Michael, May 1991 (MMC)
“Newsroom Learning Environments: Journalists’ Perceptions of Organizational Communication Satisfaction at 11 Daily Newspapers in Eastern Pennsylvania.” [Chair: Edward Trayes]

Inyang, Young Dan, August 1993 (MMC)
“Information Technology and Sales Productivity in an Insurance Company.” [Chair: Herbert Dordick]

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Jones, Matthew T., May 2008 (MMC)
“Found in Translation: Structural and Cognitive Aspects of the Adaptation of Comic Art to Film” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

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Kahlenberg, Susan G., January 2002 (MMC)
“The Interrelationship Among Intelligence, Sexuality and Attractiveness on Prime-Time Television.” [Chair: Sari Thomas]

Kaiser, Daniel M., January 1992 (MMC)
“The Role of Social Maturation in Adolescent Media Use: Parent and Peer Relationships as Mediators of Teens’ Perceptions of TV Versions of Social Relationships.” [Chair: Richard Luker]

Karpur, Shashi Rao, August 1992 (MMC)
“Factors Associated with Perceptions of Productivity and Usage of Information Technology in a Service Organization.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Karuchit, Sudjai, May 2005 (MMC)
“Imported Imperialism? A Content Analysis of Thai Television and a Re-Evaluation of the Media Imperialism in Thailand.” [Chair: Nancy Morris]

Kay, Bonnie Kathryn, August 1993 (R&C)
“Manager Interpersonal Communication Behaviors and Subordinate Motivation.” [Chair: Joseph Folger]

Kaynak, Mehpare Selcan, August 2003 (MMC)
“Scholarship in the News: An Epistemological Examination of the Public Discourse About Controversial Social Research.” [Chair: Priscilla Murphy]

Kazan, Fayad, January 1987 (MMC)
“Relations Between Mass Media and Attitudes Toward Modernity and Psychological Stress of University Students and Civil Servants in Four Arabian Gulf Countries.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Keeratikrainon, Monsinee, January 2002 (MMC)
“Development of Telecommunications Infrastructure and Policy in Thailand.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Kelly, Christine, January 2001 (MMC)
“Entertainment-Education and American Social Issues in Prime Time Television Broadcasting.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Kelly, Frank, May 1995 (MMC)
“Business Television in Corporate America: The History, Operation, Programming and Categorization of Satellite Business Television Networks.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Kim, Heeman, May 2005 (MMC)
“Cultural Differences in Human-Computer Interaction: A Content Analysis and Experiment of Design Features of Organizational Home Pages.” [Chair: Andrew Mendelson]

Kim (Jang), Hoonsoon, January 1991 (MMC)
“Cultural Continuity and Change: Characterization and Narratives Present in Korean Contemporary Films.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Kim, Myung Jun, August 1991 (MMC)
“Coverage of the Korean War by the New York Times and Ashahi Shimbun: Foreign Policy as the Key Constraint on the War Reporting.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

King, Michael, May 1998 (RC)
“Fractured Dance: Steps and Missteps in Conversation and in Application of Gadamer to a Mennonite Debate on Homosexuality.” [Chair: Herbert W. Simons]

Kitch, Carolyn L., May 1998 (MMC)
“The Girl on the Magazine Cover: Gender, Class, and the Emergence of Visual Stereotypes in American Mass Media, 1895-1930.” [Chair: Patricia Bradley]

Kotani, Mariko, May 1999 (R&C)
“Accounts in Two Speech Communities: Views and Practices of Japanese and English Speakers.” [Chair: Joseph P. Folger]

Kwon, Jae-Woong, February 2006 (MMC)
“The Development of Digital Cultural Products in the Age of Globalization: Focusing on the Korean Digitalized Animation Industry.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Kyrish, Sandra, May 1993 (MMC)
“Predicting the Future: Assessing Predictions and Forecasts for Residential Broadband Services.” [Chair: Stewart Hoover]

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Lancioni, Judith, January 1994 (R&C)
“Rhetorical Analysis and Historical Documentary: A Case Study of the Civil War.” [Chair: Aram Aghazarian]

Larsen, Robin, May 1998 (MMC)
“The Closeup Shot in American Film, 1911-1921: A Marker for Expressivity and Identity.” [Chair: Paul Swann]

Lashner, Marilyn A., 1979 (MMC)
“The Chilling Effect of a White House Anti-media Assault on Political Commentary in Network Television News Programs: Comparison of Newspaper and Television Vigorousness During the Nixon Administration.” [Chair: Michael Kitross]

LeShay, Steven, August 1990 (MMC)
“The Image of Businesspeople on Prime-Time Network Television: A Content Analysis. [Chair: Sari Thomas]

Lin, Mu, August 2004 (MMC)
“Investing in China’s Media Market: Interplay of Ideology and Commercialization.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Liu, Chang-de, May 2004 (MMC)
“Technology, Media Workers, and Labor Process: The ICTs’ Influences on Taiwanese Newspapers’ Journalists and Freelancers.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Liu, Dandan, May 2005 (MMC)
“Stadium Out of Chinatown: A Case Study of the Interaction Between News Media and Social Change.” [Chair: Patricia Bradley]

Liu-Lengyel, Hongying, May 1993 (MMC)
“Chinese Cartoons as Mass Communication: The History of Cartoon Development in China.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Livezey, Marlene, May 1995 (MMC)
“Writing and Physiology: An Analysis of Two Methods (Cathartic Freewriting and Writing for Insight) to Promote and Maintain Physical and Emotional Health.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Lizie, Arthur, May 2000 (MMC)
“Community and Identity Formation in Cyberspace: Popular Music and the flow of Culture.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Lusbough, Julia, 1981
No record of title. [Chair: Chris Sterling]

Lynch, Christopher, May 1994 (R&C)
“‘I Went on Television to Help My Sponsor, The Good Lord’: The Television Rhetoric of Bishop Fulton Sheen.” [Chair: Aram Aghazarian]

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Madia, Sherri, May 1998 (MMC)
“The Global News Race and the Branding of CNN.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Mahoney, Eileen, January 1987 (MMC)
“Negotiating New Information Technology and National Development: The Role of the Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics.” [Chair: ?]

Marshall, David, May 2003 (MMC)
“The Uptown Coalition: A Case Study of the Intersection of Media Advocacy, Media Literacy and Social Change.” [Chair: Carolyn Kitch]

McCullough, Mary, January 1992 (R&C/CAS)
“Black and White Women’s Friendships’ Claiming the Margins.” [Chair: Joseph P. Folger]

McGoldrick, John, January 1992 (MMC)
“The Role of Offices of Consumer Advocate in Telecommunications Regulations.” [Chair: Herbert Dordick]

McGovern, Sr. Eileen, May 1990 (MMC)
“From Varela to Marti: Four Nineteenth Century Cuban Newspapers.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

McKenna, Donald, August 1985 (MMC)
“The Adoption of Two Technical Innovations by American Daily Newspapers: A Test of Diffusion Predictability.” [Chair: Edward Trayes]

McLaurin, Patrick, January 1997 (R&C)
“An Examination of Cross Gender Intimate Aggression in Urban African American Youth Culture: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach.” [Chair: Joseph Folger]

McNamara, Raymond Timothy, January 1997 (MMC)
“Popular Music Use by Older Order Amish Youth in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Merchel, Paulette Posluszny, May 1995 (MMC)
“Gavriel Salomon’s Theory of Perceptions of Media and Amount of Invested Mental Effort in Processing Information: A High School Application with Implication for Learning From Television.” [Chair: Thomas Eveslage]

Mitnick, Andrea (Donath), January 1995 (R&C)
“For the Woman Who Wasn’t Born Yesterday: Middle Age as a Rite of Passage in Lear’s.” [Chair: Barbie Zelizer]

Moniot, Drew, 1979
“Photographs and their Meaning: An Experimental Study Addressing the Cognitive Dimensions which Viewers of Three Photographic Competence Levels Use in Generating Meaning from Photographs Embedded in Art Versus Documentary Contexts” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Monolescu Kliger, Dominique, January 2002 (MMC)
“Computer Mediated Videoconferencing: A Technology in Evolution in Distance Education.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Moore, Aaron J., May 2002 (MMC)
“Teams as Software: An Examination of Mass Media Ownership in Professional Sports.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

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Noh, Sueen, May 2008 (MMC)
“Negotiating Gender and Culture: Korean Women’s Reading Japanese Girls’ Comics” [Chair: Fabienne Darling-Wolf]

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O’Connor, James, August 2008 (MMC)
“Resisting the Melting Pot Through Ethnic Newspapers: History and Function of The Irish Echo” [Chair: Andrew Mendelson]

O’Dowd, Kathleen Shawn, August 1997 (MMC)
“Personal Competencies and Their Relationship to Mediated Interpersonal Enactments.” [Chair: Sari Thomas]

Okamoto, Rei, January 1999 (MMC)
“Pictorial Propaganda in Japanese Comic Art, 1941-1945: Images of the Self and the Other in a Newspaper Strip, Single Panel Cartoons, and Cartoon Leaflets.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

O’Leary, John, January 2000 (MMC)
“The Rockford Files: Television Textual Analysis and Institutional Demands.” [Chair: Paul Swann]

Ose-Mensah, Michael, January 2006 (MMC)
“Telecommunications Sector Reforms in Ghana: An Appraisal of Regulatory and Institutional Approaches.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Owino, Levi Obonyo, May 2005 (MMC)
“Growing in the Cradle: History, Development, and Functions of Cartooning in Kenya.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

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Park, Sung Bok, May 2005 (MMC)
“The Mechanics of Online Social Interaction: How Cyberspace and Physical Territory Interplay in Korean Computer-Mediated Communication Environments.” [Chair: Jan Fernback]

Park, Woong-Ki, August 1999 (MMC)
“Talking Back To Television: Parasocial Interaction and Parasocial Relationships.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Peliggi, Mary, August 1998 (MMC)
“No Sex, No Drugs, Just Hardcore Rock? Using Bourdieu to Understand Straight-Edge Kids and Their Practices.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Pena, Elizabeth, January 1993 (SLH)
“Dynamic Assessment: A Non-Biased Approach for Assessing the Language of Young Children.” [Chair: Aquiles Iglesias]

Poe, Pamela Zubow, May 2007 (MMC)
“‘Health-Media Literacy’ for the Elderly: How Do Older Persons Perceive Health Information and Marketing Messages in Print and Televised Drug Advertisements?” [Chair: Jan Fernback]

Pompper, Donnalyn, January 2001 (MMC)
“Framing the Public Policy Issue of Environmental Risk 1983-1997.” [Chair: Priscilla Murphy]

Popp, Richard, May 2008 (MMC)
“Magazines, Marketing, and the Construction of Travel in the Postwar United States” [Chair: Carolyn Kitch]

Pudlinski, Christopher, August 1998 (R&C)
“Giving Help on a Consumer-Run Warm Line: Ideological Dilemmas and Practices.” [Chair: Anita Pomerantz]

Pugliese, Rudi, August 1991 (MMC)
“Predictors of Telecourse Withdrawal and Withdrawal/Failure: Loneliness, Communication Competence, Dyadic Communication Apprehension, and Locus of Control.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Puritz-Cook, Judi, August 1998 (MMC)
“Social Class Identification and Anxiety in Television Home-Shopping.” [Chair: Sari Thomas]

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Quinn, Rosemary, August 1992 (SLH)
“Mother-Infant Interactions Among Puerto Rican Dyads.” [Chair: Aquiles Iglesias]

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Radosh, Jodi Linder, January 2003 (MMC)
“Defining Sensationalism in Local Television News.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Reed, Elaine Walls, January 1998 (MMC)
“Representations of Miscegenation During the Hays Office Years: How the Public Relations Efforts of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America Helped to Institutionalize Racism in the First Half of the Twentieth Century.” [Chair: Paul Swann]

Reich, Robert, August 1995 (MMC)
“The Role of Emotional Images in the Persuasive Effect of Television Commercials.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Rhodes, Leara D., May 1990 (MMC)
“Haiti’s Exiled Press: Development and Continuance.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Robinson, Susan Joan, May 2007 (MMC)
“‘Someone Has to be in Control Here’: The News Narrative and Journalist Authority Shifts in the Move from Newspapers to Cyberspace.” [Chair: (Carolyn Kitch]

Russial, John, August 1989 (MMC)
“Pagination and the Newsroom: Great Expectations.” [Chair: Edward Trayes]

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Saenz, Terry I., August 1992 (SLH)
“Strategies for Obtaining Toys at Head Start.” [Chairs: Aquiles Iglesias and Anita Pomerantz]

Santana, Maria, August 1994 (MMC)
“The Puerto Rican Independence Party as Covered in Local Elections: A Content Analysis of the Puerto Rican Press.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Schwartz, Stuart H., January 1978 (MMC)
“A Q-Study of the Value Structures and Professionalism of 35 Reporters, Editors, and Photographers from Five Daily Newspapers in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.” [Chair: Edward Trayes]

Selverian, Melissa E. Markaridian, February 2006 (MMC)
“Being there in the VLE: A Pan Pedagogical Model for the Enhanced Learning Through Perceptual States of Presence.” [Chair: Matthew Lombard]

Sen, Nandini, May 2005 (MMC)
“Telecommunications Policy and Changing Rhetoric in India: Towards Technophilia, Markets and Structuralism.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Shapiro, Steven, May 1986 (MMC)
“A Consideration of Privacy Violations Inherent in Press Coverage of Criminal Proceedings Such as Commonwealth v. John Cordeiro et al. and Commonwealth v. Joseph Vieira and Daniel Silvia.” [Chair: Edward Trayes]

Shi, Chyun-Fung, August 1995 (MMC)
“News Coverage and Representation of Female Candidates in Political Campaigns in Taiwan.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Shi, Yunhe, August 2007 (MMC)
“Framing Corporate Reputation: A Comparative Study of the Images of Canary Wharf in the Media.” [Chair: Michael Maynard]

Shiau, Hong-Chi, August 2002 (MMC)
“The Production and Consumption of Animation in Taiwan: The Interplay of Global Political and Economic Forces.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Sholar, Sylvia, January 1991 (R&C)
“Corporate Communicators: The Development of Business Communication Strategies in the 1970s and 1980s.” [Chair: Jeanne Allen]

Siddiqqi, Mohammad, January 1988 (MMC)
“An Assessment of the Evolving Telematics Policies in Malaysia.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Simone, Maria A., May 2006 (MMC)
“The Public’s Public Interest: Re-Visioning the Mediated Public Sphere.” [Chair: Jan Fernback]

Simonet, Thomas, 1977 (MMC)
“Regression Analysis of Prior Experiences of Key Production Personnel as Predictors of Revenues from High-Grossing Motion Picture in American Release.” [Chair: Ken Harwood]

Smith, Conrad, 1981
“Selecting a Source of Local Television News in the Salt Lake City SMSA: A Multivariate Analysis of Cognitive and Affective Factors for 384 Randomly Slected Newscast Viewers.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon or Edward Trayes]

Snyder-Duch, Jennifer, August 2000 (MMC)
“The Evolution of Media Reviewing: A Content Analysis of Film and Television Reviews in The New York Times and The New York Daily News, 1967-1997.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

Souder, Lawrence G., January 1999 (R&C)
“A Rhetorical Contextualist Analysis of the Literature on the Chinese Room Thought Experiments: Trying to Get a Grip on Virtual Reality” [Chair: Herbert W. Simons]

Sparks, Suzanne, May 1993 (MMC)
“A Study of the Credibility of Advertising to Younger and Older Adults.” [Chair: James Marra]

Spisak, Frances, May 1992 (R&C)
“Acquiring Communication Competence in a Dental Hygiene School: An Ethnographic Study.” [Chair: Anita Pomerantz]

Stine, Mark D., May 2000 (MMC)
“Development of a Selection Instrument for Identifying Traits of Radio and Television News Reports: Test Construction and Validation.” [Chair: Thomas F. Gordon]

Stutzman, Ervin, May 1993 (R&C)
“From Nonresistance to Peace and Justice: Mennonite Peace Rhetoric.” [Chair: Herbert Simons]

Sunderaj, Victor, January 1994 (MMC)
“Predictors of Social Mobility: Profile of Innovative and Non-Innovative Scheduled Castes of Rural Tamil Nadu.” [Chair: John A. Lent]

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Tian, Yan, August 2004 (MMC)
“Reputation and Branding: A Cross-cultural Study of Corporate Web Presence in the US and China.” [Chair: Concetta Stewart]

Tsao, Chien Chung, August 1989 (MMC)
“Health Communications: The Relationship of the Immune System to Relaxation, Music, Imagery and Emotional Arousal.” [Chair: Thomas Gordon]

Tunc, Asli, May 2000 (MMC)
“Beyond the Line: The Situation of Editorial Cartoonists as a Press Freedom Issue in Post-1980 Turkey.”” [Chair: John A. Lent]

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Van Dusen, Donna, August 1993 (R&C)
“The World View of a Singles’ Organization: Singleness as a Transitional Status.” [Chair: Joseph Folger]

Vilceanu, M. Olguta, May 2004 (MMC)
“Framing Science: International Media Coverage of Crop Biotechnology.” [Chair: Priscilla Murphy]

Viser, Victor, January 1995 (MMC)
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