SMC journey begins at annual school meeting

The first freshman class of the School of Media and Communication gathered Aug. 24 in Mitten Hall for the annual school meeting.

It’s a tradition that gathers all incoming students prior to the University Convocation to allow them to meet with faculty from their majors and listen to advice from a current student and a recent graduate.

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Communications major Jaimee Swift told the class of 2016 the person standing before them is a completely different person than the one who attended convocation three years ago.

She said Temple assisted her in becoming confident and determined and “proud of who I am.”

“Each of you will go on your own unique and distinctive journey,” she said. “This is your story.”

Charisma Williams, COMM ’06, said she almost never went to college and was accepted into Temple just 72 hours before her first class.

She told the incoming students to realize their abnormalities and see them as gifts. “Abnormality helps you to see the world differently.”

Williams expressed how profound she thinks the areas of study within SMC truly are. As an example, she told the future journalists and broadcasters that their “words etch the present in stone.” Those in public relations, advertising or social media will help influence the way people think, she added.

But she let the students know that the journey to learn how to wield that power is not an easy one.

“This may have been the hardest thing that you have ever done. Do it anyway,” Williams said.

The students seem ready for the task at hand.

Luke Harrington, a journalism major from Delaware County, Pa., said he loves writing and always wants to know what’s going on around him, so being a journalist feels like a great fit. “I can’t wait to get out of college and get a job and start out working in the real world,” he said, and an SMC education is “the next important stepping stone on the way to that goal.”

Media Studies and Production major Akasha Maples of Jersey City, N.J., hopes to enter the world of sports broadcasting and break down gender barriers along the way.

“I want to be that one girl to change the game.”


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