MMC faculty announced

The Mass Media and Communication Program’s faculty for the 2012-13 has been announced. MMC is the School of Media and Communication’s PhD program.

They are:

Undrahbuyan Baasanjav, Assistant Professor, MSP
Deborah Cai, Professor, STRC
John Edward Campbell, Assistant Professor, MSP
Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Associate Professor, JOUR
Brooke E. Duffy, Assistant Professor, ADV
Jan Fernback, Associate Professor, MSP
Susan Jacobson, Assistant Professor, JOUR
Tom Jacobson, Professor, MSP
Carolyn Kitch, Professor, JOUR
Matthew Lombard, Associate Professor, MSP
Michael Maynard, Associate Professor, ADV
Andrew Mendelson, Associate Professor, JOUR
Nancy Morris, Professor, MSP
Patrick Murphy, Associate Professor, MSP
Priscilla Murphy, Professor, JOUR
Donnalyn Pompper, Associate Professor, STRC
Hector Postigo, Associate Professor, MSP
Adrienne Shaw, Assistant Professor, MSP
Kaibin Xu, Assistant Professor, STRC
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