Adjunct prof Lisa Bien’s book launch celebration

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Adjunct prof Lisa Bien’s book launch celebration
April 29, 2014 6:00 pm
April 29, 2014 8:00 pm
Annenberg Hall, atrium
2020 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19122, United States

BIENsmOn Tuesday, April 29, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Lisa Bien, an adjunct professor in the Strategic Communication Department and host of Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien, will launch her first book and self-help/memoir Life Happens: Bounce Back! Bien said the book can be used as a tool for “your life’s education in learning to love yourself.”

The launch and reception will be held in Annenberg Hall on Temple’s Main Campus, 2020 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19122. All are welcome to attend.

“I am thrilled to launch Life Happens: Bounce Back! at Temple because my journey started here,” said Bien, JOUR ’91. “Temple has seen me through many personal ups and downs, and I’ve always found a sense of purpose here. I want to inspire men and women here and beyond this community to discover their self-worth and purpose, and to develop tools for bouncing back from whatever life throws at them.”

Life Happens: Bounce Back! builds a unique approach to self-acceptance that uses witty humor, raw honesty and relics of a childhood in Northeast Philly. The book offers a 90-Day Challenge with four simple steps that anyone at any age can use to turn life around: “get clarity, get real, get vision, get moving!”

Life Happens: Bounce Back! is the companion effort to Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien, an exclusive TUTV-Temple University Television program geared toward the college student population. The show has received overwhelmingly positive student reviews for its honest and open practice of sharing stories about personal struggle and redemption. Similar to the book, the show addresses the personal issues some students face, including family and romantic relationships, depression and body image.

“I was struck by Lisa’s passion, commitment and honesty,” said Betsy Leebron Tutelman, senior vice provost and professor of media studies and production. “Lisa found her voice through her life experiences… She could draw stories out of young people and inspire them to move forward.” Tutelman approved and facilitated the show alongside Paul Gluck, TUTV general manager and professor of media studies and production. The pilot premiered in August 2013. Episodes air live on Comcast 50 and Verizon 45 in Philadelphia, or on-demand at

Bien is an author, speaker and senior-level communications specialist. After nearly 20 years in the corporate public relations sector, she founded B!EN Marketing Group in 2010, and has been an adjunct professor at Temple University since 2004.

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