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Sony XDCAM: Putting your footage into Final Cut Pro

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Copy entire contents of your card to an appropriately titled folder on your hard drive. Once it has finished copying, open Final Cut Pro and create a new project by going to File > New Project.


Go to File > Save Project As… and save your new project with a descriptive title (e.g., include the show you are working on and the segment’s title).


Set your scratch disk to the appropriate hard drive (either your own external hard drive or an internal drive on the computer) by going to Final Cut Pro > System Settings.


Click Set (highlighted in green below) and navigate to your preferred drive. When you’re done, click OK.


Then open Final Cut Pro. Click Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup, as shown below.


Select Format > HD and for Use, select the XDCAM EX setting matching the frame rate and resolution you’ve shot (24p, 30p, 60i, 1080 or 720).


Next, go to File > Import > Sony XDCAM.

*If you do not see this feature, click here to download the Sony XDCAM transfer application plug in. Unzip the plug in and go through the installer. You will have to restart your computer.


Click Add in the lower left part of the window and select the folder where you saved the card contents. Select the files you want to import.  Make sure your Final Cut Pro Project is selected in the lower right part of the window and click Import.


Once your files have imported, close the Sony XDCAM transfer application, and you should see your video files in the Browser window (pictured left below). Drag them into your new sequence.

Now you are ready to edit! Read the next tutorial after you’ve finished editing.

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