Notable Alumni: Lauren Apple

lauren appleLauren Apple, STRC 2010, is a Gender Studies master’s student at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Bringing together her love for travel, education and meeting new people, Lauren began this two-year master’s program in the Fall of 2011 and is set to defend her thesis and graduate in June 2013. Then, Lauren plans to return to her public relations roots and secure a recruitment department position at her university in Budapest.

After graduation from Temple, Lauren taught English in Hungary and Slovakia as a volunteer in the summer of 2010 and then became program director for Learning Enterprises Hungary/Slovakia there during the summers of 2011 and 2012.

While at Temple, Lauren was a Public Relations-declared student with a minor in French. She enjoyed a variety of classes in persuasion, leadership, acting and gender studies. These classes provided Lauren with an interdisciplinary education and created a sturdy foundation for her to explore many interests.

During her time at Temple, Lauren interned for the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau and worked on a campaign with the Food and Water Watch to remove rBGH hormones from school milk. Internships provided Lauren with insights to discover what she is and is not looking for in a career. In addition, Lauren worked closely with Professor Donnalyn Pompper on an independent study during her last semester at Temple, learning how to collect data via interviews and focus groups.

Temple provided Lauren with the education she needed to launch her career. “It now is necessary to develop a skill set that is vast and involves many disciplines. Temple University’s Department of Strategic Communication does just that – it enables students the opportunity to explore many interests and to create an individualized foundation,” Lauren said.

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