STRC Faculty and Staff

STRC faculty members have extensive research and professional experience in all aspects of communication, from public relations, rhetorical skills, and strategic media relations to international communication, crisis communication and social networking. They inform their teaching with personal backgrounds in government, corporations, media outlets and public relations agencies. Their research and creative interests include communicating health, aiding activists and organizers to improve their communication skills, managing executive reputations in the media, analyzing gender and race in communication and developing communication strategies for multinational corporations.

Full-time Faculty and Staff

Note: When dialing from the outside of Temple University campus,
please use (215) 204 + the 4-digit extension number.

Name Office Phone Email
Lance Holbert, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair
216A Weiss (215) 204-3152
Deborah Cai, Ph.D.
334 Annenberg (215) 204-1882
Guillermo G. Caliendo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
224 Weiss (215) 204-0656
Abbe Depretis, M.A.
Assistant Professor
224 Weiss (215) 204-6071
Gregg Feistman, M.A.
Associate Professor
225 Weiss (215) 204-0532
Jason del Gandio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
224 Weiss (215) 204-9456
Scott Gratson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
9D Annenberg (215) 204-6434
Heather LaMarre, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
220 Weiss (215) 204-8345
Donnalyn Pompper, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
218 Weiss (215) 204-7894
Cornelius Pratt, Ph.D.
221 Weiss (215) 204-3214
Tracey Weiss, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
229 Weiss (215) 204-9457
Thomas Wright, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
212 Weiss (215) 204-1886
Kaibin Xu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
215 Weiss (215) 204-3385
Demaris A. Watford
Office Manager
216 Weiss (215) 204-5790

Professors Emeriti

Name Email
Aram Aghazarian
Professor Emeritus
Priscilla Murphy
Professor Emeritus
Herbert W. Simons
Professor Emeritus