Organizational Leadership FAQs


1. What is organizational leadership?

Organizational leadership is the study of leadership in different types of organizational settings, including for-profit and non-profit organizations. The principles and theories students learn in this concentration can be applied to various situations such as working with teams, working in a multinational corporation, or running your own company. Students studying organizational leadership learn how to become leaders within a variety of contexts.

2. Why should I choose the organizational track within the Strategic Communication major?

The organizational leadership concentration is perfect for aspiring leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities they need to lead within any type of organization. Students in this concentration learn theory and knowledge such as

  • Understanding critical organizational processes
  • Building effective teams
  • Organizing and leading groups
  • Managing conflicts
  • Leading organizational change

3. What does the organizational leadership concentration prepare students to do?

This concentration prepares students for careers in

  • Administration
  • Special events
  • Non-profit or for-profit management
  • Corporate recruiter
  • Communication consulting
  • Human resources
  • Politics
  • Management
  • Business and public policy

4. Once I have chosen the organizational leadership concentration, how do I know what courses to take and when to take them?

For the organizational leadership concentration, students must take four department core courses: Public Speaking (STRC 1111), Communicating Leadership (STRC 1112), Introduction to Communication Theory (STRC 2111), and Strategies and Tactics of Persuasion (STRC 2112). Once these classes are completed, students take concentration-specific courses, including Introduction to Organizational Communication (STRC 2661), Leading Groups and Team Building (STRC 2662), Research Methods (STRC 3663), and Collaborative Advocacy (STRC 4879), as well as three electives in the department. To graduate with a major in Strategic Communication, students must complete 124 credit hours and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

5. What if I have another major but want to learn about organizational leadership?

The Department of Strategic Communication also offers a leadership minor, which can be accomplished with only six courses (18 credits).