Scholarships and Financial Aid

Program fees and estimated additional costs for all programs are listed on the individual financial information program pages.  Below you’ll find information about study away scholarship opportunities as well as financial information to help you plan for your study away experience.

SMC Study Away Scholarships

Apply for the scholarships below using the program applications. During the 2012 – 2013 academic year, SMC Study Away awarded nearly $100,000 in study away scholarships!

Diane M. Rencevicz Memorial Scholarship
Students studying at the Temple London Program in the fall or spring would be eligible for a $5,000 scholarship awarded in memory of Diane M. Rencevicz. Students must have financial need, and the recipient is selected by the London Scholarship Committee. The award should be used for tuition, room and/or board.  One scholarship per semester is awarded and all students that apply for SMC Study Away scholarships are considered for this scholarship.

SMC Study Away Scholarship
A limited number of scholarships are available to qualified Temple students for study on Temple University School of Media and Communication Study Away programs. The amount of the scholarships varies and is based on need and merit. The awards will range from $500-3,000 and the amount of the award is determined by SMC Study Away in consultation with Temple’s financial aid office. Awards will be given depending upon the amount of funds available.


In order to qualify for one of the scholarships above, you must:

  1. be enrolled as a full-time, matriculated student at Temple University at the time of application for a scholarship;
  2. have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average;
  3. enroll as a full-time student in the Temple University London program;
  4. demonstrate financial need;
  5. be a United States citizen or Permanent Resident.

Additional Scholarships

A recent survey conducted by Diamond Edge Communications found that just 36% of students applied for scholarships for study away!  Don’t miss out on the opportunities that exist to help you fund these experiences!  The next set of scholarships are available to Temple University students and can be used for study away program expenses.

Temple University and SMC Scholarships

  • SMC Scholarships
    • Deadlines: Typically October 1 for Spring awards and February 15 for Summer and Fall awards
  • Ann and Randy Hart Passport Scholarship – Temple freshmen and transfer students are eligible for a scholarship to cover the cost of a new passport during their first year
  • Rudman/TUTV Scholarship
    During select semesters, TUTV may offer a stipend to a Temple London student for stories produced while studying abroad.  The student‘s work will likely appear on Temple Update and will also be posted on TUTV‘s website and social media accounts. Prior to departure, all Temple London students will receive further information about this opportunity which will include a description of the program and objectives, eligibility requirements, application instructions, award amount, etc.  Temple Update hosts a website of all Temple London reports, along with reports from study abroad students from a variety of other locations, on their website, which you should review if this opportunity interests you.
  • SMC Departmental Scholarships
  • Theater, Film & Media Arts Scholarships
    • Theater
      • Deadlines vary.  Check website and with department office in Tomlinson Theater
    • Film & Media Arts
      • Deadlines vary.  Check with department office, 1st floor Annenberg Hall
  • Temple University Scholarships for Continuing Students
  • Temple University Scholarships by School/College
  • Temple University Memorial Awards

Outside Scholarships for Study Abroad

Study abroad scholarships can be used on all SMC Study Away programs except the Communities & Organizations in NYC program and the domestic locations on the Global Internship program.  Some of these scholarships have multiple application cycles per academic year while others will only have one deadline for all scholarship awards for the year so you are advised to research each scholarship thoroughly and plan ahead.

London/UK and Ireland Specific Scholarships:

Other scholarships:

Additional Financial Resources

Student Financial Services and Study Away – information specifically for study away/abroad.

Check out these two videos from SMC Study Away students that have funded a large portion, or in Brianna’s case, her entire experience, through scholarships!

Brianna Prime, Strategic Communication Major, Public Relations Concentration, International Communication Concentration and Spanish Minor was featured as “Temple Made” student due to her many accomplishments while at Temple, most notably graduating in just three and a half years while also studying abroad three times (Temple Dublin Summer 2012, Temple Barcelona, Summer 2014)!  Brianna also funded her entire summer interning abroad in Barcelona through scholarships such as the Diamond Ambassador Scholarship, the Lew Klein Scholarship, the Martha Menei Scholarship and the Media and Communication Scholarship!

As part of his follow on project, Josh Arnold, Temple London Spring 2011, Theater Major and recipient of the Gilman Scholarship and the Lew Klein Scholarship, produced this video to promote study abroad and the Gilman Scholarship!