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Los Angeles Program Transition Announcement

As you may already know, the School of Media and Communication recently went through a transition which included the realignment of the departments within the School.  The Departments of Theater and Film and Media Arts are now a division of the Center for the Arts, which also includes the Boyer School of Music and Dance and the Tyler School of Art.  Part of this transition includes the Los Angeles Study Away program, which is a part of the Film and Media Arts department.  More information about the realignment can be found on the SMC website here.

The SMC Study Away department aims to make this transition as easy as possible for you and therefore we have set up the following timeline for this transition:

As of Tuesday, January 15 the L.A. program will be housed in the FMA department, and not in Study Away.  SMC Study Away will continue to answer questions from prospective and current students in collaboration with the new FMA Assistant Program Director, Alison Crouse, as she learns about the program before taking it over. Students, staff and faculty are welcome to come to the SMC Study Away office in Room 6, Annenberg Hall for further information about the program.

After January 28 – Students with questions about the L.A. Program are encouraged to reach out to Ms. Crouse directly at and those emailing SMC Study Away about the Los Angeles program will have their emails forwarded to her email account.

Thank you for understanding,

SMC Study Away