Study Away


For the Spring 2013 semester in Los Angeles, students will be allowed to find their own housing or choose to live in the Oakwood, which is Temple-arranged housing.


Please make sure to  fill out the Los Angeles Internship Housing Request and the Non Temple Housing Waiver below by December 7th:

Carefully read and share with your parents the following document:



Students studying in Los Angeles may elect to live in the Temple-arranged Oakwood apartments or may seek independent housing. We do not promote one option over the others; students find advantages and disadvantages to each.

Housing is provided from the official arrival day through the program end date. No housing will be provided before or after these dates. If you are planning to arrive early or stay beyond the end of the semester, you must plan your budget and make housing arrangements accordingly.

Oakwood Toluca Hills

Students have the option to stay in the Oakwood Toluca Hills, furnished shared apartments located between Burbank and Hollywood with easy access to studios and freeways.  Included in the apartment are internet and cable TV; kitchen with all appliances; dishwasher; microwave; and bedding and linens.  The complex also offers swimming pools, fitness centers, basketball courts, spas, steam rooms, and more.

Please be aware that you will be sharing a two-bedroom apartment with three other students.  There will be two beds in each room and a living area and kitchen.  It is not possible for you to have your own apartment or room unless you are willing to reserve and pay for a more expensive apartment option.  You also may not sleep in the living area to avoid sharing a room with another student.  The living area is meant to be a common area for all four students sharing the apartment. It is up to you and your roommates to keep your apartment clean.

Overnight guests are not allowed for more than three nights, and your roommates must approve the guests before they arrive. This is because having guests stay over for a longer time period can compromise the comfort of roommates. If you are expecting friends or relatives, the office in Los Angeles can suggest hotels or hostels in the area.

One advantage of the Oakwood is that accommodation is arranged in advance, and, while it is not owned by the University, there is good communication between Temple staff and the Oakwood management in the event of problems. Please also keep in mind that the classes are held at the Oakwood, which makes it convenient for students to be able to stop back at their apartment after their internship and before classes begin, especially when taking traffic into consideration.  Also, SMC Study Away bills students for the housing at Oakwood and therefore it’s much easier to apply financial aid directly to your Temple bill for this cost.

The Spring 2013 Oakwood housing rate is $3597.

Independent Housing

If you wish to find your own apartment, you will face the same issues you would in any city. Some factors to consider are: you will only be renting for a short period, and generally a deposit must be paid at the time of signing the lease.

An apartment you find on your own may cost less than the Oakwood, which offers the services mentioned above. Finding an apartment of your own will allow you the choice of selecting a neighborhood, facilities, etc. This also provides you with the opportunity to be more independent. Students living in independent housing will be away from large groups of students and Temple makes no express or implied warranties regarding the fitness or safety of independent housing.

Neither the Study Away staff nor the staff in Los Angeles is able to provide assistance with independent housing (financial or otherwise). If you do plan to find your own accommodations, you should begin your search immediately.

Housing Request

All students (including those who intend to arrange independent housing) must complete the Housing Request Form by December 7th . If you choose the independent housing option, you must also submit the Non Temple Housing Acknowledgement and Waiver by Dec. 7th.

Please note that Temple makes a commitment to Oakwood on behalf of students immediately after the pre-departure orientation. If a student withdraws from the program or from Temple-arranged housing after the pre-departure orientation and before the start of the program, Temple will attempt to obtain a refund of the housing costs, but students need to know that a refund may not be possible and students may be liable for the full costs of housing and will be billed accordingly. By the time students arrive on-site, Temple has made irrevocable commitments on their behalf. Students withdrawing from the program or leaving their Temple-arranged housing at or after the start of the program will receive no refund. If a student is responsible for damages or missing items, Temple University will bill the student for the outstanding amount.